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Fourth Sunday in Austin October 2010

This is a recording of my presentation to the Fourth Sunday Gathering in October 2010. I talked about new Consciousness and the proper reliance on faith and then discussed Dr. Katya Walter’s new book, The Double Bubble Universe and the explanation for how things show up right on time.

Interview with Bruce Lipton 2010-10-28

Dr. Bruce Lipton Picture

Dr. Bruce Lipton has been on the very leading edge of the New Biology for the past ten years and is changing how we understand the function of our genes and how our belief system is key to managing the wonderful biology of our bodies. This is our fourth interview with Bruce and it was such a treat to share the new developments he has uncovered since we last talked. This is a very engaging man with a real contribution to our thinking.

Click below to listen to our interview with Dr. Lipton. (60 minutes and 54 seconds)

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