Dr. Katya Walter and The Double Bubble Universe

Dr. Katya Walter is a Multi-discipline scientist who has contributed a major thought to our ongoing understanding of how Everything Works! She explains her progress and process in this video and she displays a wonderful, open and loving heart. Enjoy.

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  1. What we don’t understand we try to explain with our imaginary creature called god. Dr. Walter seems to think only of a four dimensional universe. However, there are 26 dimensions in reality and we are too small to understand the reality of existence. Our planet is a speck of dust in the universe. Our mind is a speck of conscious matter on this planet. Our imagination is creating our realities. We take only those seriously whose reality makes sense to a trained, logical mind. Dr. Walter’s utterances don’t stand the test of scientific rigor. She just opens the door to superstition and give credence to any crackpot assertion. However, it is good entertainment to listen to what she says…