Jim Beal: Explorer of the Cosmos and Psyche

Jim Beal tells us insights from his long career in the sciences and space technology. He was one of the original founders of the Institute of Noetic Sciences with Edgar Mitchel, served as a student and board member at the Monroe Institute, and is now focusing on electro-magnetism and how to safely use it and expand it’s applications. In this powerful interview, Jim reveals the passionate curiosity that led him into some of the most amazing adventures of the past sixty years. Toward the end of this interview, this accomplished man of science discusses the place of spiritual alignment as a component of our successful transition to the next level of evolution.


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  1. Jo Anne to Skywalker Rumnichil! says


    So good to see you and Roberta are faring quite well!

    I have thousands of things to tell you!

    I am an Asperger, I am writing a book from the Asperger’s point of view, about the major life decisions I have made due to the focus of an Aspergian mind.

    Personally, I am of the belief that Asperger’s have alien genetics – that will be the way of the future – you can see it unfloding right now.

    Did I tell you my Uncle Bert was on the Manhattan Project? I am just beginning to realize what that means.

    Did I tell you that I built a house a day, at my housing plant, while in Canada.

    I was hospitalized for an impacted tooth, died 3 times during surgeries. I recall viviidly what happened during nde event. My brain scan showed that all my brain was working all over, all the time, I knew that. I have a memory of pictures only – like silent movies – where each movie is on a separate screen – or on each mirror of a disco ball , all movies are running all the time.

    Sound is present in life but absent in memory – why?

    Now I am just beginning to write my life book. I can’t figure out how to make actual pictures of the 3rd eye that I have – you know, the one that roams about and finds things and looks at them in detail.

    I truly regret that I witheld my daughter, Julie’s ex-ray from Col. Bearden. I wonder if he would want it now?

    I am doing very well in southwest Montana.
    Please write or call.


    Jo Anne Mitchell Morgan
    30 Fireweed Lane
    Anaconda, MT

    Cell: 406 563 5740