Dr. Roberta Shoemaker Beal – Jungian Oriented Art Therapist

Dr. Roberta Shoemaker Beal is a Jungian Art Therapist and Art Instructor who has been deeply involved with the Austin Consciousness Community for many years. In this interview, Roberta discusses the critical importance of using art as a pre-verbal means to confront and resolve crippling mental and emotional issues buried in the sub-conscious. Roberta has a wonderful sense of humor, a brilliant mind and a passion for helping others. You will see her depth immediately upon opening this interview.

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  1. 26 year old rant says

    enjoyed the interview.. very good topics!

    I really hope maybe you speak with her again..? i would love to hear more about jungian art therapy and techniques on how to practice it on your own.. or more resources on art therapy in general..

    I am a 26 years old and a lot of this video hit the nail on the head as far as my life growing up in school etc…. the isolation that is created by being a creative person especially in high school.. I was one of those kids that was a problem in class.. i drew in every class.. i didn’t pay attention.. i didn’t do homework.. i went home and did art and read what I wanted to read.. but some how I managed to still end up with a B average in high school.. and teachers were always frustrated saying if you would only apply yourself! I had 1 friend.. I hid in my parents basement for entire summers during high school and eventually art was not helping my depression enough because i couldn’t spend enough time doing it to distract myself because of how adults/teachers forced me to neglect or stop doing art and didn’t encourage my artistic talents. Because of that.. and because of depression anxiety.. I became a heroin addict at 16 years old….I have now been clean for four years now..

    I still haven’t managed to put my life back together… after drug addiction.. after high school and having to pick a career.. or go to college.. etc.. I wish more than anything to be an apprentice and live my life like how things used to be.. After the suicide of a close friend who was like an older brother..I am now older than he even lived to be… I find that frightening… he was someone I identified with more than almost anyone else… and if he couldn’t live..well? what does that mean for me?

    On top of that there has been many other deaths of important people that had been in my life and guided me and helped me.. such as my grandfather who understood me more than almost anyone besides my girlfriend.. The few times my grandfather visited from florida when I was in high school all he and I did was talk about art, literature, music and philosophy.. when he died 3 years ago I called dibs on all his books.. Carl Jung, Freud.. Quantum Physics etc.. the books that were his he had left all types of notes in.. I feel I am finally getting back on track by reading what books he had pursued to help himself since it is helping me because of how similar he was to me… But I am still not quite where I am hoping to get which is being independent and making life easier for my poor parents who pay for my existence.. my apartment/school/food etc…

    I am in school for graphic design.. but i still can’t manage to do what i must to move forward in my life.. because of anxiety and because of depression.. and because i am sick and tired of how society is now in the united states.. so many people are unfriendly and lacking common courtesy.. and don’t get me started about how peoples job performance in the US is degrading at a rapid rate.. Just trying to sign up for classes today I stood in front of a secretary who completely ignored that i was there as she click click clicked on her computer… people don’t want to do their jobs anymore.. i see this every where i go.. as a society we are lacking what it means to be human.. Wouldn’t this economy cause people to work harder and take their jobs more seriously? Not become lazy, rude and unhelpful?

    I am trying hard to help myself now more than ever and as i help myself I can’t help but notice even more how sick everyone is in this society.. art/spirituality is lacking so much for these people.. its as if they don’t know they are alive.. they don’t pursue their inner selves…they don’t try to use their entire brains.. its as if devolution is happening to people here in the US.. technology is becoming a replacement for god, friendship, human interaction, story telling etc… and this is coming from someone who wants to make video games for a living..games with myth, and spirituality and meaning.. video games that enrich peoples lives rather than add nothing just like television and most movies now.. What happened? I feel like I am living in a George Orwell Novel…

  2. Get in touch with me. I will help, if I am able.
    Creatas@aol.com 512-847-0371