Scott Blum is a filmmaker and international bestselling author of Waiting for Autumn and Summer’s Path. He is also the co-founder of DailyOM, a popular self improvement website that offers inspirational messages, horoscopes and an on-line retail store. With over 1,200,000 subscribers it has become the premier on-line destination for providing motivational content, products and courses around the globe from some of today’s best-selling authors and luminaries.

His new book Winter Moon Rises continues with a remarkable series of books that deal with unusual time zone, additional dimensions and most importantly the power of seeking spiritual communication with as much of the universe as is possible. You will not read this book without being wonderfully surprised and challenged to continue with your own seeking of all the communication possible!

Andrew Harvey says of Winter Moon Rises “I am not aware of such a book ever having been written before. This work has a unique and modern theme–that of a man who longs to be a father but is overwhelmed with despair and dread when he discovers that everything isn’t as he imagined. This despair and dread take him into a depth of genuine inquiry and openness to revelation that leads him to all his own self-doubts and to a wholly new vision of what Sacred Masculinity can be in a time like ours. So this book is at once a memoir; a thriller; a mystical confession; and a new kind of conversation about the nature of the Masculine and its responsibilities to the worship, adoration, and protection of the Divine Feminine in the great work of our time–the restoration of the full splendor and power of the Sacred Marriage in all of us.

We think you will find our interview with Scott very powerful and informative.