Archives for January 18, 2012

Flo Bowen and Healing Poetry

Flo Bowen is a world citizen and traveller and has nurtured a powerful talent for writing poetry that heals the person it was written for and the random reader alike. Flo discusses her new book, the processes she uses to write poetry and the ways her work has helped people. This is a gentle and remarkable woman on a mission!

Sal Rachele discusses Ascension 2012

Sal Rachele’s most recent book is

    Earth Awakens: Prophesy 2012-2030

Sal discusses the ongoing process of Ascension in our lives and uses information from The Founders to inform his insights and predictions. He is a remarkable scientist who has stepped all the way outside the box to join those other brave explorers of the science of tomorrow. Enjoy this one…… will challenge you!