Sal Rachele discusses Ascension 2012

Sal Rachele’s most recent book is

    Earth Awakens: Prophesy 2012-2030

Sal discusses the ongoing process of Ascension in our lives and uses information from The Founders to inform his insights and predictions. He is a remarkable scientist who has stepped all the way outside the box to join those other brave explorers of the science of tomorrow. Enjoy this one…… will challenge you!

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  1. Thank you, Chuck, thanks, Karen for great pleasure! For yours interview with Sal Rachele.

  2. Christel Burghard-Wörfel says

    Lieber Sal und liebe Gastgeber, Karen and Chuck.
    Vielen Dank für eure Achtsamkeit und Für-Sorge und euer Geschenk an uns Zuschauer – dieses Interview zu iniziieren.
    Danke Sal, für Deine prazisen Formulierungen in diesem Video Interview.
    Dein Buch ist ein grosses Geschenk an alle Menschen, die forschen und innere Wahrheit erfahren möchten!
    Es ist die informativste und umfassendste Analyse unserer menschlichen Geschichte sowie die detailgetreuste Aussicht über 2012 und danach, die ich kenne! Was für eine Klarheit!
    Von ganzem Herzen DANKE!
    Christel Burghard-Wörfel from Germany

  3. Beautiful message and I am trying to make progress with meditation and conscience growth. I am trying to achieve astral travel through out of body. I am quadriplegic which makes much of my awareness from physical touch and sensation. This interview was very enlightening and hopeful, thank you for the lesson. For those who are trapped in religious dogma and still have some trace of a mind willing to think. You may find relief here:

  4. Carlos Bazan, Jr. says

    Sal,,,,you are awesome and i am so glad to have come across your site, books, and information that you have brought to us,,,,thank you so much,,,,,

  5. Edith Pagaie says

    Thank you very much for your messages from the founders. I read only 35 sides. Since one week every day. For me incredible… many sides are true for me and a very great help, and “I can start” to understand my whole life. So today my longing to meet you was very greatly and I begun to search you.

    I`m disconcerted above this video. I cannot understand English and don`t know what you say, but I see you and I get “weep-cramps”. Because since a long time I search my stars-familiy!
    1) The beginning of my name is “Sal”
    2) Your head go with the heads from my father’s family-side, and my characteristics have also similarity: dark-brown strong shining eyes – deep eyes-caves – eyebrows – forehead – men-hairs
    – lips – teeth…
    3) Your neck have a scar? – I remember my mother!
    The name in my letter to you now, is not my really name. I want to be carefully.
    Is “Sal” your really name?

    My English is very bad and I have to take a dictionary, when I write in English. I hope, this letter is so written by me that the words are clearly.
    It would be my dream, to hear from you personally, and perhaps we could exchange us about our stars-family??? – You have my “E-Mail-Address”!
    Greetings from Germany… Edith Pagaie