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The Tom Campbell’s My Big TOE: Interviews 1-9

Tom Campbell is a NASA Physicist who has created a Unified Field Theory which he calls My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) because the prior attempts at a unified Field Theory have limited themselves to the so-called ‘objective realities’. What is unique about Tom’s work is that he has included Consciousness itself as the basis of his theory, and likens what we experience as being part of a very large system virtual reality. He points out that over 100 years ago, Neils Bohr, one of the creators of Quantum Mechanics, said that Consciousness is the most powerful force in the universe. Once that statement was made, Science promptly worked to ignore Consciousness as a worthy subject for study or experimentation.

In this new century Science is finally catching up with Bohr. Tom Campbell is one of a small and growing number of scientists who are taking this subject and making powerful scientific sense of it. These nine short interviews reveal Tom presenting us with his Big TOE in very understandable terms. Frankly, this is so exciting, such a great breakthrough, that we want to yell it out from the roof tops. I can actually imagine sitting at a dinner table with Campbell, Einstein and Bohr. Enjoy!

You may also wish to hear our first interview with Tom in 2009.

Follow Tom and his Global Speaking engagements and seminars at My Big Toe Events where you will find complete information about Tom, his publications and current schedule, which includes a seminar at Unity in Atlanta in June 9, 2012. This site is managed by Donna Aveni and Keith Warner, who are doing this work as a commitment to the Great Shift that we are, finally, in the middle of experiencing.

My Big Toe

In this first 20 minute segment, Tom talks about the usefulness of a TOE.

In Part 2, Campbell discusses how Consciousness works for us on the different levels we experience on a daily basis.

In Part 3 Campbell goes to the limit and discusses Love as the means for us to reach the goal of evolution.

In Part 4 Campbell discusses how our beliefs hinder what we can experience and how they hide reality from us.

In Part 5 Campbell answers the question: Where is God in all of this?

Part 6 Campbell begins by explaining that Love is about Other.

Part 7 Campbell begins the discussion of the practical uses of his Big TOE.

Part 8 Campbell discusses more practical uses of his Big TOE.

Part 9 Right here is the CORE of the message…The journey from the intellect to the heart is the real core part of what we are all going through and Campbell joins many other people we interviewed on the 40 Days and 40 Nights Tour who say the same thing from their unique perspectives.

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2012 Confusion

It seems that the excitement and fear about 2012 are ratcheting up rather quickly. Everywhere on the web are instances of how there is a calamity about to occur, or some astral event that will envelope us all.

Here is a sample from a web page called “Before It’s News” :

Although NASA covered up the strange photon cloud that’s now enveloped the solar system, the word has leaked out from some scientists. And now, as the ominous cloud approaches it’s affecting the sun and planets in measurable ways. Amazingly, as the bizarre energy invades our space, some of the world’s most famous pyramids are generating intense energy.

Several incredible incidents of visible power beams shooting skywards into space towards the region of the alien photonic cloud are well-documented. At the same time, people around the world began hearing and recording frightening sounds—noises that seem as if the Earth itself is moaning and wailing. All the phenomena—including measurements of the never-before-seen gigantic electrification of the turbulent sun—seem to be centered on the deadly photonic cloud that some have called a ‘potential Doomsday space event.’

Sounds just wonderful…..scary, mysterious, immediate, challenging everything we know. So I decided to ask my teacher, Gene Kieffer, about all of these “prophesies” and this is what he answered back:

Hi Chuck and Karen,

In these chaotic and very dangerous times, it isn’t too difficult to push some people into a state of “mass hysteria,” as for instance those high school girls in Michigan or somewhere “out there” who suddenly begin to have “tics” or jerky gestures they cannot control.

Steven Spielberg and other movie-makers have been popularizing the idea of extraterrestrial visitations, etc., so it is only natural that our imagination is revved to such a degree that a lot of people are seeing weird things in the sky or hearing weird sounds.

It is not likely that Nature would be playing tricks on us when She wants nothing less than a healthy civilization with certain advanced nations to continue to evolve in the direction of Higher Consciousness. Look, we’ve come through WW I and WW II and now approaching WW III, all because man has not learned the lessons of the past. Our brightest men and women should have put a halt to the development of weapons of mass destruction, but they did not. Instead, we are continuing to develop ever-more destructive engines of war. This is what Nature will not permit, because it would put
and end to Planet Earth.

Nature, which knows everything in the past and everything that lies in the future, has the power and Intelligence to halt this insanity without wrecking Her plan of having a highly evolved race of god-like people inhabit Earth. So the Israelis, who talk incessantly as being “God’s chosen people,” have now reached the point where they are beating the drums of war. Ironic? What is essential now is to rid the planet of superstitions. But most New Agers are so deeply bogged down in superstition (i.e., the Gregg Bradens, et al) that nothing is too outlandish or weird for them. Those photos of the pyramids beaming huge shafts of energy into space are crude PhotoShop images and nothing more.

What the New Age leaders ought to be doing is telling their followers the truth about superstitions, not inventing new superstitions to amuse themselves and frighten those who are prone to believe in them. That would be the right thing to do. I was hoping that Austin could be the center of anti-superstition leadership, not the opposite.

As I’ve mentioned several times, Gopi Krishna tried his best, and in the end he said: “Do not believe in any superstition. And maintain your purity.” He wasn’t talking about healthy sexual activity. He was talking about healthy brains that would promote healthy thinking and healthy evolution. With all the illicit drugs and the pharmaceutical drugs being poured into our digestive systems, plus the pollution of our air, environment and food, how can we hope to maintain our purity? The brains of new-born children have developed for 9 months in a pond of embryonic fluid that contains nearly one hundred industrial chemicals. What the hell can we expect our the rising generations? Freaks with high I.Q.s
but without compassion, love and the other qualities Nature demands.

All the best,
Gene Kieffer

Frankly, what Gene says makes wonderful sense to me. I have a feeling our December 21, 2012 Mayan end of the world is going to be a bigger anti-climax than the Y2K fiasco, where many people got ready for the crisis with fortifications, dried food and other supplies only to discover that they have been duped. Something tells me that some like this is more likely than an end to the world.

And as a footnote, just for the record, Jesus is not coming back…..ever. The Christ, of whom Jesus was a total part, never left….even Jesus said, “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of time.”


From Sacred Geometry we find this beautiful representation of the divine “bubble” each of us lives in all the time…..complete with Angels.

Karen can be reached directly at 512-673-7052

Emerson on Discovering Ourselves

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Karen Explains How Angel Readings Work

In 1990 I underwent an instantaneous transformation which resulted in gifts to me that I did not even know existed prior to that time. They are spiritual gifts that allow me to help others as a counselor, prayer partner and guide.

My orientation is to be of service to my clients in such a way that issues can be resolved quickly, spiritually and with an eye toward the future, rather than digging up the past over and over with little result.

Karen has received the gift of assisting clients to be in closer communication with their guides and angels in a warm and supporting environment. The purpose of seeking an Angel Reading with Karen is to allow the client to carefully listen to the guidance available from those beings who accompany each of us here as life guides and teachers.

The cost for a personal visit or telephone consult is $100 payable in advance. Please use the following button to make your payment through PayPal and once payment is received, we will schedule a time for the consultation. Call Karen for an appointment at 512-456-3614

Why I wrote The Quantum Conspiracy.

In 1950 I was 8 years old and living in Huntington, West Virginia with my parents and my five year old sister. Both sets of grand-parents lived close by. It was the summer. I had ordered my Captain Midnight Decoder Ring and was really excited that it would come any day. That was the period and I was at the age when time crept along so slowly. Each afternoon I would go out to the step of the walkway to the street with my sister and sit there to wait for the postman to come by with the day’s mail. While waiting my sister and I would talk about whatever. One subject kept coming up in our conversation and in silence in my mind.

We lived at 2008 Cherry Avenue and my dad had a lamppost placed by the walkway and on it an ornate sign with our address on it. Not a day of waiting for the decoder ring would go by that I would not think about 2008. I would be 66 then, probably famous, and involved in something really important.

Over the next 58 years I would from time to time wonder what would happen in the magic year I had been thinking about for so long. As 2007 dawned, I examined my life and realized I would not be famous nor involved in anything seeming to be important. But it was clear that 2008 was going to be a turning point for us all. As I complete this book I am aware that all around us are signs and wonders that this is a time of profound change. The elections, the environment, the economy, the ethnic struggles, evolution and eternity all signal for our attention…..all around the globe. 2008 looms now in March, as a year of massive and radical change. We are buffeted on all sides with the concept that things could change overnight, but probably won’t and if they do it will not be for the better.

For decades we have been listening to brilliant scientists, philosophers, leaders and New Age “inner space cadets” talking about a shift in consciousness, whatever that is. We are closer to another World War, led by forces on all sides that seem to have mind control, fear and greed as their main objectives, supported by religious fundamentalists in every religion and region of the world. We seem to be racing toward some sort of event that will communicate we have gone too far and it is time to turn around and find a new path. Either that or perish. And there do not seem to be any leaders who have any truly new ideas to lead us away from what appears to be an immediately pending crisis for the whole species. A recent Albert Einstein quote on Google is chilling in its accuracy: ”Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Many people believe in great ages being introduced by revered spiritual teachers such as Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna and Confucius. The power and effects of these guides are massive. But the vast majority of believers look to the past. Few entertain the idea that a new leader and a new era could be coming. Even the idea that Jesus will return is about the past, the final chapter. But I want this book to open the discussion that a new epoch, a new chapter is at hand, and a new leader is already on the planet to lead us into an evolved future that will release us from the insanity we have created and move us into a higher level of life and evolution. It is a distinct possibility.

If it helps, just think of this as a curious novel written to give you some reading pleasure and just possibly to make you ask some new questions. Of course, it may also be a future history……of the immediate future.

And finally, The Quantum Conspiracy is actually hidden in this book of secrets and possibilities. Pay attention, even to the bibliography. It you are willing to follow the secrets and signs, you will be led into a whole new level of spiritual possibility and discovery.

“They must find it difficult……
Those who have taken authority as the truth,
Rather than the truth as the authority.”
Gerald Massey

March 21, 2008
Austin, Texas

Paul Martin Explains the Crystal Skull

Paul Martin is the creator of the original Crystal Shop in SOHO in New York and now the Crystal Shop in Salida. In this interview conducted July 22, 2008 in Salida, Colorado, Paul discusses the Crystal Skull, Anna Mitchell Hedges and some of his experiences with the Sirian Consciousness. Paul brought Hedges to New York with the Crystal Skull for a week of viewings and lectures. I had a unique experience with the Crystal Skull and I included hat in the book. Here is Paul talking about the Hedges visit and how the skull affected those who came to the store:

We are also posting this interview on our You Tube Channel where you will find this interview and many of our prior interviews. In the event your internet connection is too slow for Vimeo to work quickly, this is the place to go for a fast solution! We hope you like this addition!

Reviews of The Quantum Conspiracy

“Chuck and Karen Robison use a lot of ideas — from Hopi prophesies to evolutionary theory, the talents of a new generation to our current political landscape — to argue for the possibility of a quantum leap in human development. All wrapped up in a science fiction-fact story that is as fun as it is illuminating, Robison’s book opens the mind and uplifts the spirit.”

Marianne Williamson


“Science tells us how humanity evolved from the most primitive lifeforms, but does human evolution have a destiny?  A tipping point seems to be close at hand. Perhaps to a mass extinction of our own making? Or to a new awareness of the spiritual power within us to reverse our appointment with disaster? The Robisons don’t know the answer, but they do believe the choice is ours. This thought provoking novel tells you one of the ways it might all turn out – not badly if we only get a little help from our relatives on a planet of the star Sirius.” 

Dr. Lewis Branscomb is: Professor Emeritus, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 
Adjunct Professor, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, Univ. of California San Diego [UCSD]
Distinguished Senior Fellow, Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation, University of California
Research Associate, Scripps Institution of  Oceanography, UCSD


“Sometimes it takes something from out in left field to prompt new thinking. Chuck and Karen Robison’s The Quantum Conspiracy is an alarm clock, ringing in response to the all too familiar litany of unsolved problems on this planet. In The Quantum Conspiracy, a novel that reads all too real, the world’s governments have become so spent and corrupt that a cataclysmic end-time looms-until an expedition from across the galaxy arrives to usher in a new age of love, harmony and cooperation. “24”-like tension surrounds the visitors who, with time running out, confront a series of terrible challenges, including a “Gulf of Tonkin”-ish incident that’s meant to start a war with Iran. But the book is more than an intergalactic adventure yarn. These heroes are armed only with the power of thought-wise, compassionate thought. I cheered for the good guys from outer space but couldn’t help thinking how badly we humans have slipped up that we needed rescuing in the first place.”

John Graham
President, The Giraffe Heroes Project
Former US Foreign Service Officer


“I want you to know that I just finished reading your book and enjoyed it very much. It was absorbing and kept me going. Good job! It is refreshing and encouraging that so many are envisioning and bringing to fruition a sustainable paradigm shift in the world. Each uniquely expressed vision is pollinating and cross-pollinating the seeds of hope and progress that lead to the flowering of Oneness. As with all things, many hands make large projects go more quickly. I now know more than ever that we are comrades in words, ideas and heart.  Soon, of course, we will join the millions who will also be our allies in action.”

Clifford Lane Mark, Author

    Ecumensus – The Next Vision

Dr. Claude Swanson’s Call for Global Consciousness Prayer

Dr. Claude Swanson is a highly educated physicist who is discovering and revealing the hard science behind the miracle of consciousness. On Valentine’s Day Dr. Swanson issued an urgent call for scheduled group prayer to help ease the rapidly growing strife in the Mid-East. Using Random Number Generators, Swanson has discovered the best times to pray and make other intuitive connections. In this case, for the good of all concerned. We immediately got to editing our video of our interview with Dr. Swanson in Loveland, Colorado last September. This brief video explains the Call and takes you to the site where all the science data is recorded.

Interviews with Ourselves and Scott Andrews from our Book

Our book is suddenly taking off, mainly because what we wrote in 2008 is now unfolding right before our eyes. We did several interviews with people who are in the book, with Aliases, and they will give you a nice flavor of what we wrote and why we wrote it.

What follows is our interview with Scott Andrews who was the model for the lead character in our book.

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