In 1950 I was 8 years old and living in Huntington, West Virginia with my parents and my five year old sister. Both sets of grand-parents lived close by. It was the summer. I had ordered my Captain Midnight Decoder Ring and was really excited that it would come any day. That was the period and I was at the age when time crept along so slowly. Each afternoon I would go out to the step of the walkway to the street with my sister and sit there to wait for the postman to come by with the day’s mail. While waiting my sister and I would talk about whatever. One subject kept coming up in our conversation and in silence in my mind.

We lived at 2008 Cherry Avenue and my dad had a lamppost placed by the walkway and on it an ornate sign with our address on it. Not a day of waiting for the decoder ring would go by that I would not think about 2008. I would be 66 then, probably famous, and involved in something really important.

Over the next 58 years I would from time to time wonder what would happen in the magic year I had been thinking about for so long. As 2007 dawned, I examined my life and realized I would not be famous nor involved in anything seeming to be important. But it was clear that 2008 was going to be a turning point for us all. As I complete this book I am aware that all around us are signs and wonders that this is a time of profound change. The elections, the environment, the economy, the ethnic struggles, evolution and eternity all signal for our attention…..all around the globe. 2008 looms now in March, as a year of massive and radical change. We are buffeted on all sides with the concept that things could change overnight, but probably won’t and if they do it will not be for the better.

For decades we have been listening to brilliant scientists, philosophers, leaders and New Age “inner space cadets” talking about a shift in consciousness, whatever that is. We are closer to another World War, led by forces on all sides that seem to have mind control, fear and greed as their main objectives, supported by religious fundamentalists in every religion and region of the world. We seem to be racing toward some sort of event that will communicate we have gone too far and it is time to turn around and find a new path. Either that or perish. And there do not seem to be any leaders who have any truly new ideas to lead us away from what appears to be an immediately pending crisis for the whole species. A recent Albert Einstein quote on Google is chilling in its accuracy: ”Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Many people believe in great ages being introduced by revered spiritual teachers such as Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna and Confucius. The power and effects of these guides are massive. But the vast majority of believers look to the past. Few entertain the idea that a new leader and a new era could be coming. Even the idea that Jesus will return is about the past, the final chapter. But I want this book to open the discussion that a new epoch, a new chapter is at hand, and a new leader is already on the planet to lead us into an evolved future that will release us from the insanity we have created and move us into a higher level of life and evolution. It is a distinct possibility.

If it helps, just think of this as a curious novel written to give you some reading pleasure and just possibly to make you ask some new questions. Of course, it may also be a future history……of the immediate future.

And finally, The Quantum Conspiracy is actually hidden in this book of secrets and possibilities. Pay attention, even to the bibliography. It you are willing to follow the secrets and signs, you will be led into a whole new level of spiritual possibility and discovery.

“They must find it difficult……
Those who have taken authority as the truth,
Rather than the truth as the authority.”
Gerald Massey

March 21, 2008
Austin, Texas