Tom Campbell is a NASA Physicist who has created a Unified Field Theory which he calls My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) because the prior attempts at a unified Field Theory have limited themselves to the so-called ‘objective realities’. What is unique about Tom’s work is that he has included Consciousness itself as the basis of his theory, and likens what we experience as being part of a very large system virtual reality. He points out that over 100 years ago, Neils Bohr, one of the creators of Quantum Mechanics, said that Consciousness is the most powerful force in the universe. Once that statement was made, Science promptly worked to ignore Consciousness as a worthy subject for study or experimentation.

In this new century Science is finally catching up with Bohr. Tom Campbell is one of a small and growing number of scientists who are taking this subject and making powerful scientific sense of it. These nine short interviews reveal Tom presenting us with his Big TOE in very understandable terms. Frankly, this is so exciting, such a great breakthrough, that we want to yell it out from the roof tops. I can actually imagine sitting at a dinner table with Campbell, Einstein and Bohr. Enjoy!

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Follow Tom and his Global Speaking engagements and seminars at My Big Toe Events where you will find complete information about Tom, his publications and current schedule, which includes a seminar at Unity in Atlanta in June 9, 2012. This site is managed by Donna Aveni and Keith Warner, who are doing this work as a commitment to the Great Shift that we are, finally, in the middle of experiencing.

My Big Toe

In this first 20 minute segment, Tom talks about the usefulness of a TOE.

In Part 2, Campbell discusses how Consciousness works for us on the different levels we experience on a daily basis.

In Part 3 Campbell goes to the limit and discusses Love as the means for us to reach the goal of evolution.

In Part 4 Campbell discusses how our beliefs hinder what we can experience and how they hide reality from us.

In Part 5 Campbell answers the question: Where is God in all of this?

Part 6 Campbell begins by explaining that Love is about Other.

Part 7 Campbell begins the discussion of the practical uses of his Big TOE.

Part 8 Campbell discusses more practical uses of his Big TOE.

Part 9 Right here is the CORE of the message…The journey from the intellect to the heart is the real core part of what we are all going through and Campbell joins many other people we interviewed on the 40 Days and 40 Nights Tour who say the same thing from their unique perspectives.

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