Gene Kieffer, Gopi Krishna and the Kundalini Research Foundation

Gene Kieffer has devoted 42 years of his life to help the world learn about Kundalini as the trigger of evolution in man. He began this journey after a very dramatic dream in 1969 that led him to Pandit Gopi Krishna in India. In time Gene became the editor and publisher of Gopi Krishna’s eighteen books and a confident of the Great Man.

He is also the Founder and current Director of The Kundalini Research Foundation which is dedicated to helping science find ways to understand how a Kundalini experience re-wires the human nervous system which results in many new talents being brought into a person’s life without warning or training. To begin your search in this field once you have seen these two videos, find Gopi Krishna’s early book, The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius.

Gopi Krishna was the only person in the last century to record his experiences in English as he was going through the difficult process of becoming Enlightened. These two interviews with Gene tell you the story behind this one-of-a-kind formative event for Humanity’s next five hundred years.

We are also posting this interview on our You Tube Channel where you will find this interview and many of our prior interviews. In the event your internet connection is too slow for Vimeo to work quickly, this is the place to go for a fast solution! We hope you like this addition!

You may have to fuss with the “go” arrow on both of these videos. They stutter at first, but they will play…..advance from the stutter two or three seconds and it will roll!

Enjoy and Marvel that such an event happened in our lives.

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  1. We love you Gene and your message about the KRP..Much has been happening since we last corresponded. The committee has registered a not for profit entity in India the ” KUNDALINI RESEARCH PROJECT FOUNDATION”.. We are having our official PR MEDIA LAUNCH IN DELHI ON 16 TH June.which I Am coming over to attend and speak about the KRP..We launched our new website last week…and we will embed your interviews also there..The url is
    We will be lobbying for funding to set up the experiment in India as per the original plan..We are also looking for land for the EXPERIMENT KRP…IT WILL HAPPEN..THE GODDESS IS BEHIND IT…

    Please keep in touch..You know where to find me..And if you want to discuss andthing or share please let me know and i will call you..

    We have started to do radio interviews about the KRP..BINA & ME have given interviews so far which you can hear on this site

    Pranams dear inspirational friend

  2. Gerald Ahearn says

    Hi! my name is Jerry — spiritual name is Janakan — and, when I first got out of graduate school in Berkeley, Ca. in the mid-70’s, I had a series of very powerful, profound mystical experiences that I would now categorize as Kundalini-related episodes, where a brilliant, white, sperm-shaped energy would spontaneously/unexpectedly flow/shoot up and down my spine while I was meditating or doing yoga postures, particularly unassisted Shoulderstand. Various minor psychic powers eventually came to the fore and my body, particularly my arms and hands, would seem to pulsate/vibrate and expand out to the universe at times. I would also be subject to what people now call “spontaneous kriyas” — my body would automatically go into bodily movements and pranayama breathings — although, at the time, various people connected with the yogic world, even those studying the theories and practices of Yogi Bhajan — Kundalini Yoga — chose to categorize the phenomena as “wild pranic disturbances”!
    To me the psychic/mystical “sleigh ride” all seemed natural and transformative — I did NOT find it painful or traumatic, it was actually quite pleasant, if a bit out of the ordinary — but other people — possibly out of ignorance or envy — didn’t share my enthusiasm and were VERY critical. A visiting swami from India — very polite and encouraging — expressed dismay that Westerners — of all people! –were having experiences like this but he, as a “professional” monk and Hindu, had never felt such energy flows. He was perplexed — I was, too! — because, it all seemed to be a very natural outcome of the sadhana and relatively clean/sane lifestyle that I was practicing.
    Unlike many of the accounts that I have read over the years, my experiences with this energy were POSITIVE, not painful overly problematic, so I chose privately to vigorously disagree with the critics mentioned above, because I had been a Comparative Religions major, with emphasis on classical languages like Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit, classical Chinese, etc., and was familiar with the writings of Swami Shivananda, Gopi Krishna, etc. on the topic, had lived in the Integral Yoga Institute in SF for about a year, received mantra diksha initiation, and was also in excellent shape at the time. Because of my intense scholarly pursuits, I never used drugs of any sort during the 60’s, was essentially — and still am — a non-drinker, vegetarian-oriented and was capable of doing 100 mile bike rides up through the Berkeley Hills. Subjectively, my nervous system was sound and strong, so I never felt like I was going to “fall apart”, and my prior, extensive reading of Eastern/Western mystical literature had prepared me for the possibility of unusual, life-changing phenomena.
    Other concomitant experiences — Strangers would often come up to me on the street and incredulously claim that they felt a radiance emanating from my body — it even happened on a job interview(!), I got the job! — and, very often, I was able to intuit/feel other people’s pain. That was interesting but, eventually, very depressing, because I would enter a room and suddenly become aware of all the distress in the people surrounding me, even though they were talking normally or joking with their friends. Many people also wanted to touch me out of the clear blue and claimed they felt energy flows. The attention was nice — I was never particularly popular before — too much of a scholarly geek, I suppose — but, eventually it seemed like a bit too much to constantly feel comfortable with. Internally, I also felt that the inner anguish of my highly problematic childhood in a chaotic, verbally/physically abusive, highly authoritarian, Irish Catholic family was undergoing a very powerful transformation — this was incredibly POSITIVE for me — and, to this day, I regard all the above experiences as a major turning point for the GOOD in my life.
    The only drawback? At times, I would have spontaneous “flashbacks” at work, and it was a bit problematic
    trying to run printing presses and process Kundalini phenomena at the same time! One of my lovers — I had divorced just prior to the arrival of the 1st symptoms — also mentioned that she felt very strong vibrational,
    merging-type energies from the stomach area on down when we made love. I found the experience fascinating, but she didn’t(!), and we eventually broke up. I was also subject to very vivid “lucid dreams”, even while walking down the street on errands, and would have to retreat quickly to my apartment to finish out the episode. I found my abilities to read Tarot cards, astrology charts and translate the I Ching was highlighted — it was all intriguing — but, eventually, I felt the need to come back to so-called “normal reality” and get on with my life. SO, as a result, I consulted the classical literature, stopped all the inversion work and pranayamas, changed my diet and, within a month or two, felt “normal” again. As Plato once said, the “veil” had came back down and I was solidly back onto day-to-day terra firma AND, I don’t regret that choice.
    Now that I am retired in Costa Rica — I turned 67 in 2013 — I have again taken up a sadhana which involves Qi Gong, meditation, pranayama and chanting. Certain interior feelings are beginning re-emerge but, this time, I am trying to consciously LET GO and flow along with the Divine Life Current and immerse myself effortlessly into the creative power of the Universe. I would HIGHLY recommend that people familiar with Indian forms of yoga familiarize themselves with the writings of Yang, Jwing Ming and Daniel Reid on the theory of how to go about Qi Gong practice/ meditation — you do NOT need abandon your practice to adopt their specific meditations — just try to understand the WAY they suggest to go about things. In my opinion, too many people on the Indian yogic path conduct their sadhana in a too forceful, willful, imbalanced fashion and THIS is what produces the wild, perplexing outcomes when the mystical experiences inevitably arrive. Qi Gong, and the I Ching, both teach that things should be “simple(yang) and easy(yin)”, no need to strain. Even the Yoga Sutras trenchantly observe that “prayatna shaitilya ananta samapatibhyam” — having quieted/pacified/let go of all struggling/strain/etc, one should “fly up with” — or “fall in with”(my favorite) — the Infinite. Metaphysically, we are like fish in the sea swimming around aimlessly, constantly, feverishly asking: “Where is the water(Infinity)? In my opinion, it’s EVERYWHERE and, if you just relax into the NOW — the intersection of Time and Eternity — all will go well. Hope that some this has been helpful. Contact me at if you have any questions.