Foster and Kimberly Gamble and THRIVE, The Movie

Here is our interview, in two parts, with Foster and Kimberly Gamble, creators and producers of the movie THRIVE: What In The World Will It Take? which now has been translated into 18 languages and seen by more than 4.5 million people since its introduction seven months ago. It has also become the “trailer’ for the global Thrive Movement, which, among other things, is charting a path toward global totally free energy………now that’s a paradigm shift!

We visited Foster and Kimberly at their home in Santa Cruz, California for this amazing interview. Here the Gambles reveal the story of the creation of their movie THRIVE and the nine years it took Foster and Kimberly to make THRIVE a reality. They are both wonderfully spontaneous, open, honest and authentic. This is the remarkable story of how two very talented people chose to dedicate their lives to solving the most pressing problem of our day.

Their work was given freely for the mass audiences of the Internet. In this two-part interview they discuss how they did it and why, and some of the issues that provided motivation to make the movie and the movement stronger.

This interview is at the top of our short list of best interviews we have produced.



And, Finally, here is the full authorized version of THRIVE The Movie.

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  1. Chuck & Karen,
    Great interview! What a wonderful couple they are and thank you for all your work to get your messages out and using your unique gifts to help heal the planet. Many blessings

  2. анатолий says

    жаль что нет перевода на Русский!!!!всем привет из России.

  3. Jose Manuel Martinez says

    Les admiro y los motivo a seguir cambiando para bien la vebracion de nuestra PachaMama y de todo el universo, gracias por su entrega. Adelante hermanos.

  4. Patrick Matthews says

    I want to thank both of you for all your efforts to keep the world intact. Your program in a similar way is like the ” Illumination of Conscience” I know God will appreciate as do so many others the opportunity to make corrections.

  5. Peter Heger MD says

    I am a MD general practicioneer -german grown up in france living in Portugal engaged in natural medicine an want to join the Thrive movement to help it to grow

  6. Nobles Natures Kimberly And Foster Gamble my english writting is 🙁 but i want to do someting Wright Je partage avec ces Nobles Natures qui m’envirronnent le l’œuvre conscientisante et remarquable que vous avez créer et que vous partager si généreusement avec et pour le bien du plus grand nombre! Merci,grand merci, oh oui tellement merci! :o) Xxx

  7. Dear Chuck, Karen, Foster, and Kimberly, Thank you so much for a heart warming, spiritually uplifting and genuinely insightful presentation of not only the material presented, but a sharing of the magnificent people you all are. Your lights are so needed and cherished in our Universe. God bless!

  8. hola! Lamentablemente recibo todos los videos de sus mensajes en inglés y me cuesta trabajo y pierdo mucho tiempo tratando de traducirlos. Por favor, podrían intentar subtitularlos?….Mil gracias!….quiero pertenecer a su movimiento y ser parte activa de lo que intentan hacer por este bendito planeta pero mientras reciba todo en su idioma no puedo involucrarme de ninguna manera. Les envío todo mi cariño desde Buenos Aires, y espero saber muy pronto sobre ustedes. namasté

  9. Hi, Wow, I’m a Canadian and have had an ongoing trial with an RRSP that hundreds of people had done. After a 4 yrs. in court , having all the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted, we lost. The government makes the laws, changes their own laws according to what they want at their convenience……I was really stupid in thinking that we the citizens have rights. It does seem like a no win situation, I once heard that the lawyers are hired by the courts and I now see just how that works. They take thousands of dollars from people knowing that you aren’t going to win no matter what…. I understand that there are people at the top and you just can’t play in their sandbox. And when you have no issues you don’t see the situation, but if you do it becomes very clear who runs the show.

  10. Paul Manuel says

    I would like to say at this time that people have a tendency to believe that they cannot influence the state of the environment.   “We are the environment,” and keeping that in mind, we’re all interconnected, this is an interactive experience.
    If we all have the” intention” to change the event as it is progressing, there will be a profound change. 
    Many thanks to Kimberly and Foster for your continuing positive influence.