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Creating Our future

The coming elections seem different than the past. There is a feeling we are staring at the possibility, as Judge Napolitano said in a recent article, that when the election is over, nothing will change. That is more than likely what the actual result will be. However, enough of us have come to the conclusion that we need to come together to decide on the future of this country. That cannot take place amid the $6 Billion dollars being spent by all sides on this election. Nor can middle management (aka our Government) now or after the election lead this process.

There is a powerful Spiritual Law at work here. The Law states that what comes to us disguised as a problem or crisis is exactly the opportunity we need to grow to the next level of our spirituality. The Greatest Generation would never have shown up without the Second World War. The technology we love and enjoy would never have happened without the threat posed by the Space War with Russia. It can be posited that our current crisis with our neighbors abroad and our neighbors down the street will either destroy us or create a new greatest generation. It all depends on us…..not the government, not business, not the church, not the universities…..just us.

One of my favorite poems was written by R. L. Sharpe in 1809 and goes like this:

Isn’t it strange, that princes and kings and clowns that caper in sawdust rings,
and common-folk like you and me, are builders for eternity?
To each is given a bag of tools, a shapeless mass and a book of rules; and
Each must make ‘ere time has flown, a stumbling block or a stepping stone.

Part of this present crisis is caused by our lack of belief in our power. “What can I do? I’m Just one person.”. Actually, that is a poor excuse. Each of us, all 7.5 individuals, is a powerful spiritual being and we came here to have this human experience at this time. The question is not about our power. It is about our willingness to use our incredible power to create something that those who follow will revere as we do our Founding Fathers’ creation.

It is no longer a discussion of fixing what is broken. It is time now to come together in our neighborhoods, in our homes, in our public places and anywhere else we can to open up and imagine what kind of country we can have in twenty, fifty or a hundred years. We cannot do that if we are allowing our interactions with each other to be predicated upon and manipulated by the fears of those who have no sense of our power.

It has been rightly said each of us is a small drop in the Ocean of Consciousness. We exist for a while and then we fall back into the ocean of which we are a part. But our science teaches us that, like a hologram, each drop in this massive ocean contains all the power, energy and information of the whole. The problem is remembering who we are. And, as Psalm 82:6 says “You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High.”

Gopi Krishna, addressing The Present Crisis had this to say:

“The Monarch in disguise we call the soul,
encircled by the ego, passion, lust, desire, ambition, greed and other foes,
tarries upon the earth in mute accord with Laws Eternal it itself has formed,
dressed as a mortal, ranking high or low, in utter ignorance of its estate,
that ‘tis a Sovereign King in his own Right, the crowning Glory of the Universe,
whom in our foolish pride of knowledge we ignore or even deny,
to learn in time, when troubled by repeated pricks from Nature,
we shake ourselves free of the enshrouding lust, and waking to our Eternal Life,
become the world and its Creator both.”

Ask God to help you activate your power and join us as we create a new society.


Fourth Sunday Gathering, August 26, 2012

The Fourth Sunday for August featured Karen and Chuck discussing two important spiritual topics. Karen talked about how drug and alcohol leave holes in the spiritual bodies that allow unwanted elements to enter into a person’s environment and can be removed, but with difficulty. Chuck discussed how the end of the Warrior Culture and the beginning of the Culture of Cooperation are creating this incredible shift in our world and how this new opportunity to cooperate with people all over the world is going to allow us to act as one humanity for the betterment of all. The Fourth Sunday Gatherings in Austin have been a wonderful three year opportunity to create a safe space where attendees were able to share their deepest spiritual thoughts with other like minded individuals and grow as a result of their openness. This last gathering was an example of that.

Howard Martin and HeartMath

Our interview with Howard Martin EVP for Strategic Planning at HeartMath reveals the science magic that is being discovered about the electromagnetic field our hearts create as the management factor in our bodies. This is remarkable information that takes centuries of dreams and poetry about the heart and reveals the science of the heart and how we are learning to use that field to change how we deal with people all over the world.

Aleya Dao – Inter-Dimensional Healer and Prophet

We met Aleya Dao in Telluride shortly after her arrival there in 2001. She created The Healing Company and introduced Telluride to spiritually based energy healing. About five years later she moved to California where she has her current practice. Her insights on this video will force you to accept that her information, authority and energy are truly magnificent, and way beyond what others have been saying. It is as if she is on a mission from someplace else to help us get through this time of profound change. Enjoy listening to a master who speaks with the authority of knowing on the deepest level that she is communicating new and inter-dimensional truth.