Aleya Dao – Inter-Dimensional Healer and Prophet

We met Aleya Dao in Telluride shortly after her arrival there in 2001. She created The Healing Company and introduced Telluride to spiritually based energy healing. About five years later she moved to California where she has her current practice. Her insights on this video will force you to accept that her information, authority and energy are truly magnificent, and way beyond what others have been saying. It is as if she is on a mission from someplace else to help us get through this time of profound change. Enjoy listening to a master who speaks with the authority of knowing on the deepest level that she is communicating new and inter-dimensional truth.

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  1. Thank you for this. Confirms many impressions and clarifies a few things. For myself, a number of things have shifted but some areas of life are lagging or are inconsistent.

    Rather than calling it “multidimensional” I refer to different resolutions. Finer values. The seeing is much like shifting focus.

    I’d describe kundalini a little different but agree on the soul thread.

    Thanks again Aleya, Karen, & Chuck