When I was a little boy, I would go to my grandmother’s house and from time to time she would read me stories from my father’s old McGuffy Reader. My favourite was the story of Chicken Little who wandered through the woods one day and a falling acorn hit her head. She instantly thought the sky was falling and off she went to warn everyone, including Henny Penny and Ducky Lucky and ultimately she wanted to tell the Lion, who would save everyone. When the three fear-full fouls met Foxy Loxy, they asked Foxy how to find the Lion and he tells them he knows the way and they follow him right into his den and were never seen again.

This fable is instructive right now. Seems like everyone has a stake in the sky falling, and the election has bought that thought into the spot light along with Hurricane Sandy. But the fable has more.

What hit Chicken Little on the head was not the falling sky, but an acorn…….a seed of a powerful tree for the future, and it was doing exactly what it was supposed to do by falling to Earth and getting ready to plant itself and evolve into its’ destiny.

So living in fear, started by Chicken Little, resulted in all of those animals losing their lives. Look around you and you will see a Chicken Little on every corner looking for doom and seeking people to lead to doom

If all you see is the sky falling, you will miss the fact that on every corner are acorns that have fallen to earth to begin growing to powerful new trees, or ideas or global movements of advancement.

The temptation to interpret change as something to be feared is natural enough….the unknown is always a challenge. But look out for the foxes! The have their own agenda.

How many churches want you to view what is happening in the world as proof that the end is near and we must huddle together or die. The churches, like so many of our failing institutions, want to control you and that is most easily accomplished through the use of fear……fear of the future. Many have been doing this for at least 2000 years! Are you really more comfortable listening to some old white men telling you God is going to get you, or are you ready to listen to your own heart as it shows you the bright future God is creating, there for the taking?

The facts tell another story. The future shows up in small packages….from tiny acorns grow giant oaks. From tiny babies grow giant leaders of men. From seemingly crazy little ideas, like talking to someone in the next room through wires, grow global communications systems.

But it is true, that for the future to arrive, the past has to recede, or even appear to fall apart. But just when things seem to be falling apart, they in fact are falling together for a new and different future.

Of course, the list of things to fear seems rather long these days. But fear paralyzes, and openness to change allows one to see and participate in the future…..often profitably…….don’t you wish your great-grandfather had invested in AT&T back when ‘them new-fangled phones were a waste of time and the instrument of the devil’?

So when you read this article, there is a possibility we will know the results, at least in part, of our recent elections. Each of us will be faced with the same decision point: Either face the future with fear and anger, or face the future with a faith in the fact that the human race ALWAYS moves forward and together. None of us will be left behind. We are here to evolve and we do that in a field of change and challenge, not by holding on to the past. As the old Protestors Hymn says: “New truths make ancient good uncouth.”

The sky is not falling……the future is falling together right before our eyes!