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Notes From the Masters Class (5-20-10)

Chuck in Santa Monica I recorded this three years ago when people were just beginning to discover we were going into the “Crazies”. Even I felt like I did not want to go through this process. Now three years later, we have actually made progress and we can see some light at the end of the tunnel……but there is still a long way to go.

Here is the text of this Note:

“Hi, this is Chuck, and today is Thursday, May the 20th, 2010, and I’m sitting beside the water in Santa Monica, California where I’ve been working all week. I’ve had time to think about some things.

The thing that I thought most about is this change that we know we’re going through. It’s not an elective. It’s a demanded change. It’s part of life. Some of us are approaching it with fear. Some of us are approaching it with excitement, and many of us are approaching it with the knowledge that we are on this planet at this time to be part of this in a special way. Most of those, myself included, don’t know yet what that is.

But something that I’ve learned this week is valid for all of us, and that is this. We’re coming to the end of a culture and a period of time, maybe 5,000 years, that could be called the Warrior Culture, and we’re going into a time that could be called a Cooperation Culture. The Warrior Culture has been dominated by masculinity and a masculine God. The Cooperation Culture is going to be more like feminine divinity and nurture and caring and sharing. We’re seeing the whole concept of borders being challenged. We see the whole concept of how we’re taking care of our world being revealed as not so good. We are seeing the whole concept of understanding how each of us has power beyond what we know at this point.

But there’s one thing that I think I have learned this week, and I believe in it, and that is this. This applies as I understand you as well. I am God in this body, in this world, without limit. We are without limit. There’s not a lot to be afraid of, primarily because each one of us is an entire, complete eternal soul. We’ve been here before. We’ve sat by the ocean before. We’ve walked through the mountains. We’ve been in the deserts. We’ve been in the cities and the poor places and slums. But we’ve been here before, and we’ll be here again. And because of that, we know that whatever comes doesn’t need to be met by fear or anything else other than asking the question, “How can I be of service to others through this time of incredible change?” Join me, won’t you? Just like John Lennon says, “We hope you’ll join us, and we will all live as one.” Thanks.”

What I Gave Up For Lent

20120220-_MG_6032Chuck Robison

In two years we will celebrate the 500th anniversary of Luther’s nailing the 95 Theses on the door of The Castle Church in Wittenberg and the beginning of The Protestors Re-Formation of Christianity. There have been many 500-year cycles in History and we use the myth of The Phoenix to remind us of that. And each has ended and been replaced by the next 500 year cycle. But breaking up is so hard to do!

In my religious career, spanning the last forty-five years, the Protestant focus has been and still is…..the past. We tend to judge ourselves, especially our clergy, on how well they profess to believe what used to be true. But that’s History and that was then and this is now. Even so, for many, the past is still more alluring than what is happening right before our very eyes. By that I mean: we are squarely in the middle of the greatest trans-formation of our understanding of our place in the Universe in known History.

Religions seem to change more slowly than anything else we experience. In fact, where religion is concerned, change happens one funeral at a time! Yet, we are all experiencing time speeding up more and more every day. We no longer have the luxury of going slowly with anything, including our historical religions.

One of the great issues during the early part of the Re-Formation was that of Science. The Holy Roman Catholic Church simply refused to allow new science any room in its’ pulpits or its’ pews. But science persisted despite the fact that as recently as last week some of our fellow Christians thought that science was against our spirituality and run by atheists. But the New Science is not against discovering how spiritual truths and scientific realities are completely harmonious with, and a part of, a much larger whole.

Today, as Einstein predicted, science and religion are approaching the top of the mountain where they will shake hands and congratulate each other for having reached the summit, by two separate paths. And strangely enough, the scientists are beginning to discover that Consciousness is the big picture that encompasses objective reality and the world of Spirit. Some religious people are discovering that the restrictive World View of the Re-Formation simply no longer works. The Re-Formation, as important as it was, took place in a world that was flat, where atoms were solid and Earth was the center around which the sun journeyed every day. Five hundred years later, we see ourselves out here on a small planet, in a small solar system on the outskirts of a small galaxy amid billions of other galaxies. Our Hubble telescope allows us to see far, far across this Universe.

I have joined Pierre de Chardin, the brilliant Catholic Theologian and Tom Campbell, the brilliant NASA Physicist, and many others who have experienced our ability to live our lives as eternal spirits having a brief human experience. And herein lies the future.

Our new Re-Formation / Trans-Formation is taking us to heights we could scarce believe even as the last century ended and we were propelled, ready or not, into this 21st century. With the publication of our Astronauts’ picture of Earthrise from the Moon, we clearly left behind the notion of national boundaries, separation by skin color, language and gender and, yes, even religion. Today, we can no longer pretend each of us is an island in the Sun……we are all ONE…….and lo and behold…..we are ONE with the entire Universe. The past, which saw so much separation, is now rapidly being replaced by a global Trans-Formation that sees and celebrates our connectedness to the very end of the Universe. From the circulation of the stars within the largest galaxy to the spinning of the smallest atomic particles in our bodies, it is all one. And one Historical insight is even truer: God is Omnipresent. Welcome Home!

So, for me, right now, this year’s Lenten season is a celebration of our complete unity with God and all of his Creation. There is only one God, to whom we have assigned many different names in many different religions, just as there is only one Humanity, one Universe and one time……NOW! This year I have chosen to sacrifice the past and embrace the future…..and God is as surely in the center of this Trans-Formation into the future as he appeared hidden in the separations of the past.

As a result of working with religions from all over the world at The United Nations, there is one thing I know for sure: we are all longing to discover that God is bigger than any of our false separations or antique beliefs. All 7 billion of us are about to discover that we are spiritual beings traveling all over the Universe free to create and learn the lessons God wants us to experience. And once you discover how easy it is to travel across that Universe and between dimensions, as String Theory begins to explain, you will discover God has not only created you his Child, he has given you an inheritance that bestows upon you the very power of the Universe itself….and you have had that for all eternity.

So this year, I am choosing to give up the Re-Formation, the past and our littleness, in exchange for experiencing the Power and the Glory that God has freely given each of us as his Child.


Chuck Robison is the former Adjunct Protestant Chaplain at The Church Center of The United Nations in New York. He and his wife Karen now produce a weekly Internet TV show at their website where they interview students of Consciousness, New Science and Spirituality. Chuck is a graduate of Austin College and Princeton Seminary.

Photo: David Saenz

Notes From the Masters Class (2-20-13)

Text of this video:

In October of 1983, I had a remarkable opportunity. I got to spend an hour alone with Pandit Gopi Krishna, who was the only person in the last century to write in the English language about his experience from inside the experience of the awakening and the goal of Kundalini.

He was a most remarkable man, and he was 83 at the time I met him, and he was in New York as part of the United Nations’ October celebration. I spent an hour with him in an apartment on 36th Street and 2nd Avenue, and in that time, I was taking his portrait, which turned out to be his last portrait and was used as the only portrait in his book “Living With Kundalini.”

So after I had spent all the time getting the pictures, I finally asked him the typical American, not very bright person question, “Okay, Gopi Krishna, what do I need to do to be enlightened?” And he looked me right in the eye and he said, “Just this. Every day, just think about God and God will take care of everything else.”

So I packed up my cameras and my lights, and I went back to my home and studio and went into the darkroom and started developing the pictures, and I decided that day that I would follow Gopi Krishna’s advice. Every day, as often as I can, I think about God. I think about what’s God doing today? Where is he? What is he thinking? What is he thinking? How can I reach him?

Every question that I can imagine, and sometimes everything that I can say to God, I do. And I have been doing this now for 30 years, and I can tell you from my own experience that regardless of religion or the doctrine or the mandatory beliefs, God has made it simple for us to get to where he wants us to be. All we have to do is think about God. It couldn’t possibly
be more simple.

Now I can tell you from my own experience that, as a result of that, I’ve reached places I never dreamed I would reach. I have hope that doesn’t cease, and I have a sense that I’m making progress far, far, far greater than I could have done by listening to somebody’s dogma or somebody’s religious requirements or beliefs.

It’s very simple. God wants you to get to where he wants you to get, and if you think about him, he’ll reveal to you, step by step, exactly how to get there with nothing else required.

So I thought I’d share this little note from the Masters Class with you. It’s been a critically important issue in my life, and perhaps when you hear this, you’ll think about, gee, it wouldn’t be so hard to think about God every day, and it isn’t, and it won’t be. So thanks. We’ll see you next time.

Debra Roberts: A Woman Kept By Her Bees!

We met Debra Roberts at her home outside Weaverville, North Carolina. Debra is one of a large and growing number of women organic bee keepers. She told us about the lives of bees and the threat to the food chain being posed by bee colony collapse is this wonderful discussion:

Toward the end of the video, we got to the bee hives and we had a unique consciousness raising experience that we believe is very powerful!
This just in from the New York Times:

Mystery Illness Wipes Out Bees

By Michael Wines, The New York Times
MARCH 29, 2013

A mysterious malady that has been killing honeybees en masse for several years appears to
have expanded drastically in the last year, commercial beekeepers say, wiping out 40
percent or even 50 percent of the hives needed to pollinate many of the nation’s fruits
and vegetables. A conclusive explanation so far has escaped scientists studying the ailment,
colony collapse disorder, since it first surfaced around 2005. But beekeepers and some
researchers say there is growing evidence that a powerful new class of pesticides known as
neonicotinoids, incorporated into the plants themselves, could be an important factor.

The pesticide industry disputes that. But its representatives also say they are open to
further studies to clarify what, if anything, is happening. “They looked so healthy
last spring,” said Bill Dahle, 50, who owns Big Sky Honey in Fairview, Mont. “We were so
proud of them. Then, about the first of September, they started to fall on their face, to
die like crazy. We’ve been doing this 30 years, and we’ve never experienced this kind of
loss before.”

In a show of concern, the Environmental Protection Agency recently sent its acting assistant
administrator for chemical safety and two top chemical experts here, to the San Joaquin
Valley of California, for discussions. In the valley, where 1.6 million hives of bees just
finished pollinating an endless expanse of almond groves, commercial beekeepers who only
recently were losing a third of their bees to the disorder say the past year has brought
far greater losses.

The federal Agriculture Department is to issue its own assessment in May. But in an interview,
the research leader at its Beltsville, Md., bee research laboratory, Jeff Pettis, said he was
confident that the death rate would be “much higher than it’s ever been.” Following a
now-familiar pattern, bee deaths rose swiftly last autumn and dwindled as operators moved
colonies to faraway farms for the pollination season. Beekeepers say the latest string of deaths
has dealt them a heavy blow. Bret Adee, who is an owner, with his father and brother, of Adee
Honey Farms of South Dakota, the nation’s largest beekeeper, described mounting losses. “We
lost 42 percent over the winter. But by the time we came around to pollinate almonds, it was
a 55 percent loss,” he said in an interview here this week.

“They looked beautiful in October,” Mr. Adee said, “and in December, they started falling apart,
when it got cold.” Mr. Dahle said he had planned to bring 13,000 beehives from Montana – 31
tractor-trailers full – to work the California almond groves. But by the start of pollination
last month, only 3,000 healthy hives remained. Annual bee losses of 5 percent to 10 percent
once were the norm for beekeepers. But after colony collapse disorder surfaced around 2005,
the losses approached one-third of all bees, despite beekeepers’ best efforts to ensure their
health. Nor is the impact limited to beekeepers. The Agriculture Department says a quarter of
the American diet, from apples to cherries to watermelons to onions, depends on pollination by
honeybees. Fewer bees means smaller harvests and higher food prices.

Almonds are a bellwether. Eighty percent of the nation’s almonds grow here, and 80 percent of
those are exported, a multibillion-dollar crop crucial to California agriculture. Pollinating
up to 800,000 acres, with at least two hives per acre, takes as many as two-thirds of all
commercial hives. This past winter’s die-off sent growers scrambling for enough hives to
guarantee a harvest. Chris Moore, a beekeeper in Kountze, Tex., said he had planned to skip
the groves after sickness killed 40 percent of his bees and left survivors weakened. “But
California was short, and I got a call in the middle of February that they were desperate for
just about anything,” he said. So he sent two truckloads of hives that he normally would not
have put to work. Bee shortages pushed the cost to farmers of renting bees to $200 per hive at
times, 20 percent above normal.

That, too, may translate into higher prices for food. Precisely why last year’s deaths were so
great is unclear. Some blame drought in the Midwest, though Mr. Dahle lost nearly 80 percent
of his bees despite excellent summer conditions. Others cite bee mites that have become
increasingly resistant to pesticides. Still others blame viruses.

But many beekeepers suspect the biggest culprit is the growing soup of pesticides, fungicides
and herbicides that are used to control pests. While each substance has been certified, there
has been less study of their combined effects. Nor, many critics say, have scientists
sufficiently studied the impact of neonicotinoids, the nicotine-derived pesticide that European regulators implicate in bee deaths. The explosive growth of neonicotinoids since 2005 has
roughly tracked rising bee deaths.

Neonics, as farmers call them, are applied in smaller doses than older pesticides. They
are systemic pesticides, often embedded in seeds so that the plant itself carries the chemical
that kills insects that feed on it. Older pesticides could kill bees and other beneficial
insects. But while they quickly degraded – often in a matter of days – neonicotinoids persist
for weeks and even months. Beekeepers worry that bees carry a summer’s worth of
contaminated pollen to hives, where ensuing generations dine on a steady dose of
pesticide that, eaten once or twice, might not be dangerous. “Soybean fields or canola
fields or sunflower fields, they all have this systemic insecticide,” Mr. Adee said.
“If you have one shot of whiskey on Thanksgiving and one on the Fourth of July, it’s not
going to make any difference. But if you have whiskey every night, 365 days a year, your
liver’s gone. It’s the same thing.”

Research to date on neonicotinoids “supports the notion that the products are safe and are not contributing in any measurable way to pollinator health concerns,” the president of CropLife America, Jay Vroom, said Wednesday. The group represents more than 90 pesticide producers.
He said the group nevertheless supported further research. “We stand with science and will let science take the regulation of our products in whatever direction science will guide it,” Mr. Vroom said. A coalition of beekeepers and environmental and consumer groups sued the E.P.A. last week, saying it exceeded its authority by conditionally approving some neonicotinoids. The agency has begun an accelerated review of their impact on bees and other wildlife.

The European Union has proposed to ban their use on crops frequented by bees. Some researchers have concluded that neonicotinoids caused extensive die-offs in Germany and France. Neonicotinoids are hardly the beekeepers’ only concern. Herbicide use has grown as farmers have adopted crop varieties, from corn to sunflowers, that are genetically modified to survive spraying with weedkillers.

Experts say some fungicides have been laced with regulators that keep insects from maturing, a problem some beekeepers have reported. Eric Mussen, an apiculturist at the University of California, Davis, said analysts had documented about 150 chemical residues in pollen and wax gathered from beehives. “Where do you start?” Dr. Mussen said. “When you have all these chemicals at a sublethal level, how do they react with each other? What are the consequences?”
Experts say nobody knows. But Mr. Adee, who said he had long scorned environmentalists’ hand-wringing about such issues, said he was starting to wonder whether they had a point.

Of the “environmentalist” label, Mr. Adee said: “I would have been insulted if you had called me that a few years ago. But what you would have called extreme – a light comes on, and you think, ‘These guys really have something. Maybe they were just ahead of the bell curve.'”

The Overview Effect

This video is a Vimeo Staff Pic created by Planetary Collective. This is a powerful movie and we share it because it is so timely and needed.

This is the moment when Sir Fred Hoyle’s prophesy came true and the new age and our place in the Cosmos changed forever. The most powerful idea in the history of man was released and we are just now beginning to understand that power. It is the thing that will unite the 7.5 billion cells in the body of Humanity into one united and cooperative body, and we will advance into an evolved species. And this is not that far away!

Fear, Itself.

One of the nice things about becoming an Elder in our Tribe is knowing that you can probably handle whatever comes your way. “Whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger” is a true statement. The big fear, death itself, seems to be an old friend when you have been asking yourself about it for sixty years. Yes, it is unknown, but it is not an elective. We are all going there.

Fear, however, still seems to be the most powerful force we deal with on a daily basis. Any management consultant will tell you that fear is the big motivator in any business in the world, which appears to be true. Many people have lived their entire lives in fear-full situations. Fear breeds ulcers, distrust and true unhappiness.

In the past few years, something new has been added. When we first logged on to the Internet in the early nineties, we believed this to be the great communication tool we had dreamed about for so long. It was and still is. Now, however, the Internet is filled with fear and we have no idea who is generating it or why.

Everything that happens today seems to be followed within hours, by a comprehensive post about the supposed conspiracy behind the event. Disinformation is the rule of the day and seems to be everywhere. Now we read the Occupy and Anonymous Movements have been co-opted by the National Security Agency for purposes of discrediting what they are trying to accomplish.

Unfortunately, our Fear of Government (FOG) has brought us to this moment of fear of guns and fear of having our guns taken away. What a mess! Remarkably, there are many people who believe their assault weapons and other armaments will protect them from a government take-over. Texans, especially, seem to have forgotten the real lesson of Waco. Our government is forever better armed than any entity in the world, and we are not going to be able to challenge the government with the guns we hoard in our basements. Period.

This coupled with the fact that our government rammed the Patriot Act down our throats after less than thirty days of writing and discussing that 363 page document. Forcing us to willingly give up our Constitutional rights in the name of security, has only added to the problem. We are not safer as a result.

Our forefathers knew they would have to stop the British, but that was the smaller part of their two problems. The bigger problem was creating an entirely new way to govern ourselves effectively in a system exceeding a kings’ power.

Today we face a similar problem. We have to create a new way of governing our lives that works in today’s realities. And it demands to be based on inclusivity, lack of fear, equality and genuine freedom.

Fear causes many of us to seek ever more fear-full means with which to threaten others. First it was 10 megaton nuclear weapons. Now 100 megaton bombs are all the rage………trouble is, no one will survive such a war.

We Texans think of ourselves as God fearing, Bible believing worshippers of the Almighty. However, when we observe how we deal with fear, we negate that belief. We need to remember the spiritual consequences coming to us when we choose to kill or attempt to kill one of our brothers or sisters. If we really trusted in God, we would allow Him to lead us through the various shadowy valleys of death we traverse in this lifetime with the powerful faith that God will always protect us in miraculous ways not possible for those relying on killing machines to protect themselves.

So this is a moment of faith for us all. Either we believe what we say about our faith and our God, or we trust our weapons. Here is the test: which will you take with you when you leave this planet, your guns or your faith? Choose wisely, we’re all playing for keeps!

This article is published in the February 7, 2013 edition of The Hill Country News.