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In October of 1983, I had a remarkable opportunity. I got to spend an hour alone with Pandit Gopi Krishna, who was the only person in the last century to write in the English language about his experience from inside the experience of the awakening and the goal of Kundalini.

He was a most remarkable man, and he was 83 at the time I met him, and he was in New York as part of the United Nations’ October celebration. I spent an hour with him in an apartment on 36th Street and 2nd Avenue, and in that time, I was taking his portrait, which turned out to be his last portrait and was used as the only portrait in his book “Living With Kundalini.”

So after I had spent all the time getting the pictures, I finally asked him the typical American, not very bright person question, “Okay, Gopi Krishna, what do I need to do to be enlightened?” And he looked me right in the eye and he said, “Just this. Every day, just think about God and God will take care of everything else.”

So I packed up my cameras and my lights, and I went back to my home and studio and went into the darkroom and started developing the pictures, and I decided that day that I would follow Gopi Krishna’s advice. Every day, as often as I can, I think about God. I think about what’s God doing today? Where is he? What is he thinking? What is he thinking? How can I reach him?

Every question that I can imagine, and sometimes everything that I can say to God, I do. And I have been doing this now for 30 years, and I can tell you from my own experience that regardless of religion or the doctrine or the mandatory beliefs, God has made it simple for us to get to where he wants us to be. All we have to do is think about God. It couldn’t possibly
be more simple.

Now I can tell you from my own experience that, as a result of that, I’ve reached places I never dreamed I would reach. I have hope that doesn’t cease, and I have a sense that I’m making progress far, far, far greater than I could have done by listening to somebody’s dogma or somebody’s religious requirements or beliefs.

It’s very simple. God wants you to get to where he wants you to get, and if you think about him, he’ll reveal to you, step by step, exactly how to get there with nothing else required.

So I thought I’d share this little note from the Masters Class with you. It’s been a critically important issue in my life, and perhaps when you hear this, you’ll think about, gee, it wouldn’t be so hard to think about God every day, and it isn’t, and it won’t be. So thanks. We’ll see you next time.