Penny Kelly, ND and Consciousness

Penny Kelly addressed the March combined meeting of Austin’s IONS and INACS organizations. We loved what she said! She has had a remarkable journey starting as an Engineer at General Motors and progressing through medical and physics courses and she currently is a powerful witness to what we all need to know about consciousness. Along the way she had the essential Kundalini experience described by Gopi Krishna. (See the two-part interview with Gene Kieffer elsewhere on this site.) This is a remarkable woman with a wealth of material for the advanced seeker.


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  1. Does Penny help raise the Kundalini in those that ask? I have had this on my mind for years and just haven’t trusted enough to ask for help in this area. I feel comfortable with Penny and would request that she do this for me if it is offered.

    Please let me know if she does this or would recommend someone.

    Thank you very much.