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Notes From the Masters Class 8-29-13

Chuck presents another in the series, Note From the Masters Class. In this presentation Chuck discusses surrender and the issue of control in our lives.

Hi, today is August 29th, 2013, the anniversary of Katrina hitting New Orleans. I’m Chuck Robison, and this is Notes From the Masters Class.

If you’re anything like I am, you go through these periods when you have to relearn and relearn and relearn an old and what should be fundamental lesson. But these lessons come back to us again and again because, sooner or later, we really do learn how to deal with them. But it’s always difficult, it’s always different, and it’s always powerful.

So I’ve gone through a situation, in the past six weeks or so, where I’ve had to completely surrender what I thought was a done deal and was going to go my way. It didn’t, and it hurt to realize that. But as I’ve gone through this process this time, and, by the way, a friend of mine says, “Wisdom is learning you don’t have to make the same mistake the third time.” As I’ve gone through it this time, I’ve realized that surrender is a good concept. You let go and as they say, you let God.

But you’re really not surrendering because, in the long run, you don’t have control – and I mean this – over anything. Somehow or another, we think we have control. We’d like to have control. We manipulate it as if we have control. But the truth is consciousness itself is working out its own plan with and through us, and the quicker and the more completely we accept that, which is another word in this case for surrender, the quicker we do that, the faster it becomes apparent that what consciousness is trying to work out through us is far beyond our greatest imagination. That’s what I’m finding out this time as I relearn this lesson.

I was faced with a situation where I had to let go. There was no other opportunity. There was no other option. Let go and that was it. And part of letting go is saying, “Okay, I surrender. I give up. It ain’t going to go my way.” And that’s the truth.

But what happens, when you do that letting go and that surrender, is you accept and acknowledge the fact that you’re not in control from that point forward. But the reality is you weren’t in control before that point. And frequently, very frequently, the problems that we encounter, where we do have to surrender, give up or let go, are problems of our own making.

If we would do this business of accepting and letting go and surrendering all the time, the problems that we encounter, at least that’s what I think my lesson is, the problems would be less difficult and less traumatic. What happens to me is something I learned a long time ago.

I wanted to leave New York, and I worked for 20 years to leave New York. But I wanted to leave New York and I wanted to move out West. I picked Taos, New Mexico as my place where I wanted to be. I wanted a specific job there. I wanted to be the minister of the Presbyterian church in Taos. For 20 years, I did everything I possibly could to get that job. The man who was there was a retired Army chaplain, and every year he would announce that he was going to leave and retire, and every year shortly after that, he’d say, “No, I don’t think I’m going to retire.”

So after about 20 years of working for this and trying to make it happen, I went to a person who helped me with making visions. I said, “What do I do? I know exactly what I want. I know where I want it, and it’s not happening.” She said, “Well, keep the vision exactly the way you’ve stated it up to this point. Keep it in writing. But at the end of the piece of paper, where your vision is written, add this one particular sentence, and that sentence is, ‘This or something better.‘”

I did that. I went home and I put down “This or something better” at the bottom of my vision statement. Within a matter of days, an opportunity opened up that I never expected, would never have guessed could happen, and the next thing I know, I was in Telluride, Colorado. I had moved up to 10,000 feet. I moved out West, and my life was radically changed and became much different in what appears, looking back now, like a twinkling of an eye, when I just said, “This or something better, I surrender. Whatever you bring me, I’m assuming it’s going to be better, and I’ll accept it.”

Now, the lesson here is just this: We are all part of consciousness. The theologians, the classic theologians would never equate consciousness with God, but I do. I think that God is everything, in everything, is everything, and consciousness is the glue, the material, the stuff that we
make life out of. I’m consciousness, you’re consciousness, the bees are consciousness, the plants are. It’s all the same thing. The mountains are

God is in the middle of all of that, and there is a plan. I know some of you might think, “Oh, no, there’s not a plan.” Yes, there is. This is a not a random choice, and it was Einstein that said, “God does not play dice with the universe.” So there is a plan. We may not know what it is or where it’s going, but it’s going someplace. As soon as we get out of the way and as soon as we accept what it is that consciousness is putting before us, the safer we become, the stronger we become, the more involved we become, and the less fearful we become.

It’s kind of that simple. It’s not really that simple, but it’s easy to say it’s simple. The fact of the matter is the battle goes on right here in our hearts. “I want my way. I want my stuff. I want me, me, me, mine.” And the universe says, ‘That’s terrific. Thank you for letting us know.” But as soon as you figure this out and get out of the way, you’ll see what’s about to happen, and it will be better than you ever dreamed.

So I want to share that with you, and as a footnote to that, I want to show you this. This is our book, “The Quantum Conspiracy.” Now, we wrote this book in 2007, and we finished it in 2008 and it was published in 2009. We knew at the time that it was not going to be well-understood or appreciated for a while. Now, all of a sudden, really a surprise, the stuff that we have written about in this book, the events, the people, the concepts, the ideas, the prophecies are all revealing themselves to have been true.

So this book, “The Quantum Conspiracy“, which Karen and I wrote together, can be found on Amazon in a Kindle or an e-mail edition and also in a hardcover. Actually, it’s not a hardcover. It’s a paperback book. It was published by O-Books in London. I think you might enjoy this book. It’s not expensive anymore, and it’s a possibility for you to look around and say, “Wow. What is going on?” Because folks, any way you shake it, there is so much going on that this is magic time.

So this is Chuck. I want to thank you for being with us today, and I look forward to seeing you again. Bye-bye.

The Monnets and the Smoking For Jesus Ministry!

This is the dramatic and remarkable story of two people chosen by God to lead a caravan of 40 cars and 200 people, including a set of five day old twins, out of New Orleans as Katrina bore down on the city. The journey took them through a large portion of Texas and racing away from the next hurricane, Rita, and brought them to a true garden of hope and real community building in Kingsland, Texas. We fell in love with these remarkable people. Their story is human, sad, happy and totally unique….and I mean UNIQUE.
Photo by David A Saenz

Present and All-In

20120220-_MG_6032The great 19th and 20th Century mystic, Vivekananda, came to America in 1893 to address the Parliament of Religions during the World’s Columbian Exhibition in Chicago.  It was a moment of great spiritual awakening in our country as we discovered in a new way the truth that God speaks to us all around the world.

In his presentation, Vivekananda made the following statement:  “The moment I have realized God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him, that moment I am free from bondage, everything that binds vanishes and I am free.”  In another presentation he said, “ Meddle not with so-called social reform, for there cannot be any reform without spiritual reform first.”

When I first read these two quotes I wanted to teleport myself back to that event in 1893, because these words make so much hopeful sense at a time when almost nothing else seems to make sense in our national and international life.

Even though we have known and mostly supported living in a surveillance society since 2001, suddenly we are waking up to discover what that is beginning to mean.  We have willingly traded our privacy for what no longer seems like security.  Black boxes in our new cars keep track of what happens, cameras everywhere can use facial recognition to find us in crowds, our financial transactions are fully recorded in our cashless society, our emails and phone calls are a matter of record and the ‘hidden government of the NSA’ does not even let Congress have an accurate accounting of what this secret government is doing.

Now the results are starting to show.  We are rapidly learning to trust no one and to assume that we are being spied upon even in our own homes.  It may be too late to reverse this trend or to bend it in a more positive direction.  As Kierkegaard saw in the 1840’s, we have become the victims of Fear and Trembling, The Sickness Unto Death.

Americans, of course, insist we are free regardless of what reality is showing us.  This is the Grand Illusion of our time.  Realistically speaking, no amount of weaponry, nor  threats of attacking anyone, nor attempts to change the entrenched dynamics of our government have much potential to alter the course we all agreed to in 2001.

At the risk of sounding like another “pie in the sky” preacher, I suggest there is a way out of this crisis.  We can move up to another level of consciousness, we can seek a new spiritual experience of ourselves and we can change our minds about who we are and how safe we really are.  I urge you to consider this.

Guilt is about the past.  Fear is about the future.  Neither exist as you read this.  There is only here and now……that is our earthly reality.  In this moment, this Holy Instant, there is the potential to experience God right before your eyes wearing, just like you, a human body.

We will not experience our own holiness without first seeing that very holiness in others.  Each one of us, all 7 billion of our species, is a holy, divine, eternal, spiritual being, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Being present in this instant, being all-in, gives us the freedom to see our oneness and allows us the power to create for ourselves and our world interdependent, cooperative, enlightened ways of dealing with our global issues.

When God created your body, he managed to get more than 50 trillion cells to cooperate and work together for your health and ability to accomplish what you came to Earth to do.  Now, all 7 billion of us have the challenge to work together to create a better way of living together on this small planet lost in the stars.  Surely, if 50 trillion cells can work together in each of our bodies, then 7 billion cells in the body of humanity can work together as well.

When that day dawns in each of our hearts, we will see the end of our bondage to fear and trembling and we will be “Free at last, thank God Almighty, we will be free at last!”.