5552471Gregg Fraley speaks with thought-provoking passion about all things creative & innovative, communicating cutting edge ideas, proven methods, insightful perspectives, & innovative take-home actions steps. He informs and inspires by delivering keynotes, seminars, and trainings with humor & idea-generating energy.

Jack’s Notebook is a business novel that has readers learning a framework for deliberate creativity. It’s a fast-paced story illustrating the CPS process (also known as the Osborn-Parnes model). CPS is used widely in innovation — but training is expensive and not widely offered — it’s been a corporate secret. Jack’s Notebook has been adopted by small companies, university professors, students, start-up founders, innovation team leaders — people who share the need to solve complex challenges — with innovative solutions. Jack’s Notebook is required reading for MBA, design, marketing, innovation, and other courses. St. John’s, Cambridge’s Judge Business School, University of California at Berkeley, and University of Seattle are among those schools that use Jack’s Notebook.

Gregg’s diverse business background includes everything from founding and managing high-flying software technology companies to working as an interactive television producer.
Now, he’s the founder of a start-up, KILN, which provides fresh approaches to the innovation process, including a unique innovation subscription service called IdeaKeg.

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