PAN.COV72 Although Panchastavi was written more than a thousand years ago, it remains one of the five most important books in the world. You might wonder why it came to light at this particular point in time. The answer is simple: Because today the world is being decimated by sectarian wars, and Panchastavi can solve the problem.

The book had been lost to all but a tiny few Kashmiri pandits until Gopi Krishna brought it to light. Only he could have translated it into English accurately. This limited first edition is also unique because it includes the original Sanskrit text for future scholars.

“Judged from the point of view of Karma, this little book, containing no more than 146 verses, couched in a metaphorical vein, crowded with archaic and mythical concepts and notions is yet a valuable guide to a science, still in the making, concerned with the baffling mystery of consciousness. The unknown author of this work unfolds in figurative language the germs of what time will prove to be the greatest discovery ever made by mankind. This discovery, when pursued further with the methods known to science, will not only throw light on the still obscure problems of mind, but also start a chain of revolutionary thinking till the whole area of human life becomes transformed in consonance with the still hidden laws ruling the spiritual destiny of the human race.” — From the Introduction to “Panchastavi.”

Printed on 70 lb. acid-free stock, and case-bound in bonded leather, the book is meant to be passed on from one generation to the next for centuries. 280 pages with Gopi Krishna’s introduction.

The price is $40, plus $5 for S.&H. in the U.S. $15 S.&H. overseas. Order from Bethel Publishers, 86 Wallacks Drive, Stamford, CT 06902.