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The Door is Open – Faith Column

20120220-_MG_Small6032 By Chuck Robison

It’s time for Darwin to retire. In 1859 Darwin published the Origin of the Species and from that point forward, Christians have been threatened by the implications of what he proposed. When I say Christians, I mean that portion of Christians who feel called upon to defend the Almighty. Imagine that……defending God!

That, however, is the crux of the problem. God’s defenders are currently composed of about 46 % of the American population, more in Texas, of course, and they have so misconstrued the issues in our evolution, that it is time to walk away from it and into a future given us through our own experience of personal evolution. Here are some examples.

Darwin did not propose the survival of the fittest. He proposed the survival of the least weak. That’s why you see in the animal kingdom that the sick, the infirm and the damaged animals are the food target of predators. This natural process strengthens the herd. And yet even Darwin’s most ardent detractors actually believe in the survival of the fittest. It is a key component of our current crisis of greed.

Einstein said that God does not play dice….which seems to contradict Darwin, but Darwin was trying to explain a complex system that had no seemingly workable explanation in 1859. Had he been writing today, he would have had a mountain of scientific issues to prove his case, from chaos theory to quantum biology. But the idea that this is a random crapshoot does not work in our world.

Finally, when asked about where did the first cell come from that was dropped into the pond, he replied, “God”.

God’s defenders feel it important to view the Bible as literal, despite the fact that it is filled with one allegory after another, and the meaning of these allegories changes over time, as does our understanding of everything else. But seeing the Bible as literal makes good sense if you are trying to connect with something totally currently invisible and available only through Faith, and you are looking for absolute certainty.

With this short summary, it can be said that Darwin has been so misunderstood that it is time to put him back on the shelf for a while.

But here is the main reason. Science is going to go on regardless of what Christians believe. In a free country, it is perfectly fine to raise children with a belief that the entire world is less than 10,000 years old and was created in 6 days. But not all parents want their children to enter a highly scientific and technical world hobbled from their beginning by a lack of understanding about how things work, and a fear of science.

When we believe that man showed up less than 10,000 years ago, fully developed and fixed for all time, we slam the door in God’s face by saying the creation is all done. By defending God against Darwin, we are not concerned with the past, we are actually trying to control the future. The very idea that man has no more growth or development ahead is dangerous. By losing sight of the fact that the human brain is still in the process of evolution towards a more perfect state in which a still-superior pattern of consciousness is possible, we tell God that He cannot move beyond where we are right now.

Evolution says that there are worlds and states that we cannot even imagine now,
because we are not sufficiently evolved to sense, perceive or understand these worlds. But as our bodies unfold and grow slowly over time, as God intends through an evolutionary process, we will experience new levels of consciousness and understanding that will require new skills and attributes not currently available to us now.

To become that future human, we need to conform our lives to a more simple lifestyle, reject the greed that our society breeds in us and be willing to be open to how God is working today in our world to bring us to a higher level of understanding and consciousness. And Peace.

Gopi Krishna and The Hopi Elders at the UN, October 1983

Gopi Krishna, October 1983, Untied Nations in New YorkGopi Krishna and the Hopi Elders present their similar prophesies to a special gathering at the United Nations in October 1983.

Gopi Krishna was asked to speak to a gathering of Native Americans of many tribes. This request was made due to the parallels drawn between his prophesies and the Hopi prophesies. They called him the “Red Man From the East.” He traveled from India in October of 1983 to present this speech to them in the United Nations, known as the “House of Glass.”

I was invited by Gene Kieffer to attend this event which was held in the main lobby of the United Nations building because the nations of the UN would not permit the indigenous nations to present their prophesies to the UN. The Hopi’s had tried two times before this night to present their important information to the UN.  They decided to try one more time to wake up the UN.  They invited Pandit Gopi Krishna  to address the UN along with them.

The next day I spent an hour with Gopi Krishna, alone, in Gene Kieffer’s in-town apartment in the Fertile Cresent on east 36th Street taking roll after roll of portraits of this fully enlightened soul. One of these portraits accompanies this article.

I never dreamed this would be such a formative event in my life.  The portraits I took that day are slowly being released, and one of them is the only portrait of Gopi Krishna appearing in his Autobiography, Living with Kundalini.

At the end of the hour, as I was about to pack up my gear, I asked Gopi Krishna what I needed to do to become enlightened.  I was open to anything he might direct, including wearing a hat all the time, repeating a phrase, wearing a certain color garment, changing my diet or whatever.  After I asked the question, he looked me directly in the eye and said:

                “Just this:  Every day, as often as you can,  just think about God,                                                                               and God will take care of everything else.” 

For the past thirty years this has been my main spiritual practice, and I can say without reservation that this is a true path to great spiritual growth.  Jesus said it as follows:  Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all else will be added to you.

Here, then, is the text of the presentation Pandit Gopi Krishna made that night.  He was introduced by Associate Secretary General Robert Mueller.  There were about 500 people in attendance. There were no chairs in the hall and everyone stood for the entire speech.

First Robert Muller introduces Gopi Krishna. Robert Muller (born 1923 in Belgium, died September 20, 2010) was an international civil servant with the United Nations. Assistant Secretary-General for 40 years, his ideas about world government, world peace and spirituality led to the increased representation of religions in the UN, especially of the New Age Movement. He became known as the “Philosopher” of the UN. “…They also say what Secretary General Uthant, our first Buddhist Secretary General, always repeated to us namely, that it is only spirituality that can help us out of the present quandary. I am very happy to give the floor to Gopi Krishna whom I met today for the first time.”

Pandit Gopi Krishna: “Dear friends, there is a prayer in the Rig Veda dating to two thousand years before the birth of Christ. “From darkness lead me to light, from the unreal lead me to the real, from death lead me to immortality.” This prayer is perhaps more appropriate to the conditions existing on the earth at this time than it was ever in the past. On the one side, we have achieved conquest of the wind, of the oceans, of space and have landed on the moon. And we have ambitious projects for landing on other planets in space. On the other, we are nearer to extinction than we were at anytime in the history of the human race. This is a paradox, which no one has been able to explain.

Why should the foremost nations of the earth with vast knowledge and unprecedented technological skill be acting in a way which would not only destroy the enemy, but themselves too? The reason for this is not political as might be supposed but psychological, brought about by certain factors about which we are in the dark.

During the past seven thousand years, no less than sixteen civilizations rose and fell, never to rise again, the first for thousands of years and the last for hundreds. But the present civilization, the present glamorous age, will perhaps be the shortest lived of them all, ending with all its relics in less than a hundred years. The reason is that man prides himself on his intellect and has completely ignored and disregarded spiritual traditions of the past.

There is no treasure, which the human race has guarded so jealously and so faithfully as the revealed scriptures of mankind. For fifty centuries, fifty generations, the Vedas, which have a large volume, were transmitted orally from one generation to the other, so that not a single syllable has been lost. And the Vedas existing today are the same as they were four thousand years ago. Similarly, the Bible, the Koran, the discourses of the Buddha, have been jealously guarded and preserved as the greatest treasures of the race. I wonder if it has struck you, why should the race honor and respect its religious leaders who have prescribed austerity, humility and such disciplines which are often disagreeable to us, rather than the great scientists who have prescribed the hedonistic way of life?

Have you ever considered the issue, why the birth or death days of the great spiritual leaders are celebrated by millions of people all over the earth while the multitudes are not even aware of the birthdays of the greatest scientists the earth has produced? The reason is that the religious scriptures of man contain a secret on which the survival of the race depends. It is because we have overlooked the importance of spiritual knowledge and religious discipline that the human race is threatened as it has never been threatened before.

In two centuries of the reign of reason we have created a situation, which is leading, day-by-day, to the degeneration rather than evolution of the mind. After eighteen hundred years of the sovereignty of Christianity, Europe was able to produce a galaxy of geniuses that transformed the earth. But only after two centuries of the rule of reason the same earth, the same soil of Europe, has produced minds, which caused the two bloodiest wars in history and threaten now with a third one, which may destroy the whole of the race. What is the reason for this paradox?

In two centuries, the mineral resources of the earth have been exhausted and the planet has been poisoned to an extent that, even if a nuclear war is not fought, there is every danger that the race will not be able to survive in the poisoned conditions of the environment. The reasons, which are mentioned even in the religious scriptures of mankind, are that mankind has adopted a completely hedonistic lifestyle and ignored the spiritual laws of nature.

One of the basic requirements of yoga is said to be discrimination, the ability to distinguish what is permanent from what is transitory, what is right from what is wrong. It is mainly for this purpose that religious disciplines are indispensable to keep the intellect on the true path. It is the light divine which shows us the way. We may have knowledge a thousand times that which we have at present. We might have intelligence ten times what it is now, but without the guidance of the light divine the race cannot survive a day. There is something more than temporal knowledge, than the knowledge of science, which is necessary to allow the race to live in peace and happiness.

If we examine the religious scriptures of mankind, the real testament of Christianity, Buddhism, Shintoism, Islam, Judaism, indigenous teachings and all of the faiths and creeds, we find a basic similarity in the tenets of these creeds. What the Sermon on the Mount says is said in other words in the Gita, in the discourses of the Buddha, in the Ten Commandments and in the Koran. The basic directions are all the same and these basic directions prescribe humility, love of thy neighbor, compassion, truth and faith in God. Machiavelli, the famous writer of the Renaissance, criticizes Christ for his teachings that “if someone gives a blow on your cheek present the other cheek to him”. Had Machiavelli lived in this age, at this time, he would have been a different man. What Christ has said, what Buddha has said, what Moses has said, is perennial wisdom, as true at that time as it is in the nuclear age. Without this wisdom and without putting this wisdom into practice the race cannot survive. The threatening situation of the world is due to the fact that we have departed from the path.

We have overlooked that as human beings we live in two worlds, the spiritual and the material, and that the whole attention must also be divided in two directions, the material and the spiritual both. All of us devote many hours of the day to feeding ourselves, to bathing, to cleaning ourselves, to dressing, in fact so many things are connected to the body. But how many of us devote even a fourth of this time to our souls? The race is not threatened just because certain political leaders have a thirst for power. it is because nature is against us. The situation has developed because nature itself is against us, that is the reason. That’s why we live in constant fear of instant annihilation. I am not making this statement by any intellectual study of the conditions of the world or by philosophy. I am making this statement on the basis of an experience which has lasted more than fifty years now.

The situation that exists at this time was revealed to me first in 1949 in the words that came, not through my mind, but from the Intelligence surrounding me. All that I have received as communications from the Unseen, I have faithfully recorded in my books. The crux of what has been written is this — that the human race has not been created to live in comfort and luxury, that man has not been made the supreme ruler of the organic kingdom of the earth and a whole planet has not been placed at his disposal, to do as he likes, to spend resources in any thing he thinks proper, to find ease and comfort for himself, but that he has a great destiny in front of him and that the earth is a cradle of a race, of a species, that might even affect people of all the planets of the solar system. We should understand that, during the last only 200 years, the human intellect has taken a leap that even the great philosophers of the past could never have dreamt of, that no one living in the fifteenth century could, even in the least, imagine the condition of the human race in the twentieth. Similarly, we who live in the twentieth century can not imagine what man will be like in the twenty-fifth century.

We are misled by the intellect because there are potentialities in the human brain which are likely to come into play if we obey the spiritual laws. In fact, from what has been revealed to me, all religious communication, all religious inspired scriptures have come from the collective consciousness of the race to tell man that he is destined for a glorious future and that it is necessary for him to follow the direction, the teachings contained in the revealed documents of the earth. For this reason, they have been preserved and miraculously guarded, so that not a single direction is lost. It should not be a matter of great surprise to us how, hundreds and thousands of years before, the Hopi prophecies could see what was to happen in this age.

Strangely, what was revealed to me corresponds with it, the Hopi prophecy, in a surprising way. What was revealed to me in 1949… this was the beginning of the sentence, Oh people of the world unite And pave the way to peace sublime, Divided you yourselves invite Disastrous wars, unrest and crime. At that time there was no fear of a nuclear war and this message came to me in several languages. All that has happened since then has been stated word for word. After that I wrote two books, one of them in the early 60s, The Shape of Events to Come, and then recently, The Present Crisis. The last paragraph of The Present Crisis is this, Do not forget, when in fear of this war That hope is ne’er away from human hearts, And blank despair is ne’er the only course For those beleaguered by an adverse Fate, As Grace of God is always near at hand To fill the darkest day with bright sunshine. For this reason, I never fear that this war will be enacted. It will only be a buffet given by nature to put us back on the path. Not a single ounce of damage more than is absolutely necessary will be done, to teach a solitary lesson to us.

In fact, it is amazing that we should never stop to think that, if this universe has an intelligent Creator, then man cannot be the master of all that he sees around him and that he has to live in submission and obedience to the laws revealed to him in the religious scriptures of the human race. The reason I am drawing attention to the scriptures again and again is that the human brain is already oriented for the expression of a new channel of perception, that is, all the religious teachers of mankind, whether of the East or the West, whether or the new or old world, had in them a certain region of the brain, awakened, through which they could communicate with other elements of nature which are denied to us. The universe is not only composed of mind and matter. Even modern science has come to the conclusion that matter is not what we thought it to be.

The world is wheels within wheels, planets within planets, planes within planes. And once the mind transcends the limitation of the senses, a glorious world of consciousness opens before our eyes. This is what Christ meant by the Kingdom of Heaven. This is what Buddha meant by Nirvana. This is what the Vedas mean by Brahma and this is what the Koran means by Firdaws. What we see, the world which we have constructed, the buildings, the skyscrapers, the airplanes, the ships and everything that we know, they are only in the form of toys. They are not at all comparable to the kingdom in the heart of man.

With one change in the brain, all the people who are now interested in yoga, and there are millions around the earth, can know this. The aim is the opening of this center in the brain. The aim is not, as is supposed by modern psychologists, to reach the subconscious, for the subconscious is only a hidden part of our conscious mind.

But there is a potential in the human brain which springs to activity with the practices prescribed in yoga and this is clearly mentioned in the scriptures of mankind. When this dormant region in the brain springs to activity the world loses its reality. It becomes the shadow on the surface of a Sun, of which everyone of us is a distant being. You do not then see the world as you see it now. You do not see yourself as small, puny human beings, one out of four billion other people, surrounded by tall mountains and oceans, living in a house. You do not see yourself like that. Then you yourself will see yourself as the wind, as the thunder, as the lightning, as the ocean, as one with all the elements and forces of nature. Then you at once perceive that death is a mockery, that the aims of human beings to collect money, to have cars and to have planes is only a futile pursuit.

Remember that the great geniuses, the greatest spiritual teachers of mankind were born before the age of science. Imagine that Buddha, Plato, Socrates, Rama, Mohammed, Moses and the other leaders and the other geniuses were born when there was no science. Nature is not so small and so shallow as we perceive it to be. A simple shelter, clothes, a simple diet, but the right way of life are needed to make the human being a captain of all he sees, to open the inner kingdom and to enjoy a life of happiness and peace which is beyond the dreams of the most intelligent and the most powerful people on the earth. Nature, by creating the present impasse, the present dilemma, is trying to save the race from degeneration, from losing forever the possibility of gaining to the kingdom of heaven and to divert it into right channels to win what it can never gain by material means.

I don’t believe that this war or this paradoxical situation is of the Creator, but of human beings themselves. If they could solve the dilemma, they could defuse the crisis… but they are not able to do so. They are helpless. Even scientists are submitting petition after petition, but the situation begins to grow more acute every day. The reason is that we have departed from the laws of the Spirit. I am proposing, with all the emphasis at my command, experiments on the brain, on this center, which is known as Brahmarendra and has been known as such for thousands of years. Its location is precisely described — above the palate and below the crown of the head.

We need to make it known and to show that the human brain is still in a state of evolution and that it needs this type of environment, this type of lifestyle, this type of behavior to be able to bloom in the shortest amount of time. You see, what is happening in our interior is evolution of the brain and we, by living a materialistic life, are creating a conflict between what is happening inside and what we do by our actions and thought. This is the reason that religion was revered thousands of years ago, to show man that he should obey the spiritual laws, in order to reap the greatest benefit.

The incentive of Heaven or the threat of Hell, which is shown in every religious scripture of mankind means, in other words, what is happening today, progress on the one hand and degeneration and horror on the other. There is nothing wrong in the religious scriptures of mankind, only the time has come when, just as science has proved the laws of matter, we also have to prove that nature has already provided in us the potential to reach those higher dimensions of consciousness where a fuller understanding of the universe is possible. As examples, we have already had individuals in the course of history, perhaps hundreds in numbers, known as prophets, mystics and sages, in whom this center was operative, generally from birth.

Most of the mystics, most of the prophets, most of the saviors were religious geniuses from birth. We know about Christ, that at the age of twelve or thirteen he was able to defeat the greatest wise men in debate. The same is true of Guru Nanak, the same is true of Shankaracharya. There have been several child prodigies in India who were religious geniuses from the very start. Unfortunately, the last two centuries have been devoid of true religious genius with the result that the materialistic tendencies, the materialistic sciences, have gained ascendancy with the result we see today.

I am therefore urging, with all the emphasis at my command, that research should be done on the brain to find out the spiritual potential that brought a Buddha, or a Socrates, or a Gandhi on the earth. If there were even two figures in the modern world comparable to any of them, the situation would be quite different. It is this potential in the human brain that has been behind the Hopi Prophecy, behind all the prophecies, predictions and wisdom contained in the Scriptures. It is not possible to do it with the intellect.

My time is up and the subject is so vast. So, with thanks to those who organized this meeting and to the United Nations organization, represented by Mr. Muller, I close my speech.”

As a result of attending this speech, I further studied the Hopi Prophesy and it became one of the central messages in the book Karen and I wrote in 2008 titled:  The Quantum Conspiracy, which is still available at Amazon.  In time, this event and this speech will be recognized as one of the most important events ever happening at the UN.

The Empire Strikes….

20120220-_MG_6032 By Chuck Robison

We normally pledge allegiance to a flag representing a republic which functions as a democracy in a free society! Most of us have been doing that since the first grade. It is so wonderful that we keep doing it at every opportunity! However, the republic to which we pledge allegiance no longer exists.

We now live our lives at the center of history’s largest, most powerful, highest tech, most armed and most dangerous empire. The 21st Century American Empire is run by an oligarchy of global corporations acting, now, as legal individuals, almost tax-free, seeking all the money possible for the “investors” and riding roughshod over 90% of the world.

The American Empire’s leadership has turned what we call the United States Government into The Empire’s Middle Management Team, which now takes its orders directly from the corporate Oligarchs. The American Empire backs up its demands on the world through the world’s largest and most lethal armed force, which today is conducting both open and secret wars in 134 of the world’s 187 countries.

The American Empire has developed a Global Total Information Awareness System and the American Empire can now keep track of at least 90% of the world’s citizens. Soon, new babies will be implanted with computer chips to monitor their entire lives. This is already happening in France. All in the name of security!

In the mean time, you and I are trying to live honorable and satisfying lives, while being informed by the Empire’s propaganda machine, which includes mindless entertainment, the educational systems, mass media, electronic churches, and celebrity spokespersons for how The American Empire expects us to live, dress, eat and behave.

It appears no one here in America or anywhere else in the world will ever prevail against this force. You and I and about six billion other people are the slave work force of this empire, whether we see it or not. No wonder we are so depressed. We used to be the people who worked together to solve problems. Now we cannot even see the damage being done to each other, when the Oligarchs pay the people who deliver our cheap, unhealthy, unnatural, fast chemical food, poverty wages that are then supplemented by Government assistance which is a $280 billion tax break to the corporations thus saving them more money for which they do not have to pay taxes.

But, history tells us that all empires fail and disappear. Like a crumbling skyscraper falling in upon itself when detonated by numerous explosives, empires collapse when corruption explodes in strategic places. The result is the same if the corruptors are individuals or whole societies.

The corruption, now racing at electronic speeds around the world, is caused by our losing sight of the fact that human brain is still in the process of evolution towards a more perfect state in which a still-superior pattern of consciousness is possible. A natural, frugal, healthy life, content only with the basic needs of the body and the mind, free of ego, immoderate ambition, lust and greed for wealth—more ready to serve than to rule, altruistic and compassionate—is the only life aligned with the principles of evolution.

What this means is that as we wake up and realize we are living in a decaying empire, our best and only hope is to stop playing the game. To do this, we need to go back to life’s basics. Simplicity in all things, compassion for the life situations of our neighbors, and a focus on those things that will actually improve the lives of all is the surest way to change the sad course of history in which we find ourselves.

Once upon a time, a small group of young idealists took a successful first step toward ending an unjust war by burning their draft cards. That bonfire of enslavement to the war machine is still smoldering in all of our hearts. It’s time to risk it all and burn the cards that now track and enslave us.

Consider this: if we burned all of our credit cards and decided to live off the credit grid, we would begin a profound global change as powerful as the corruption that now identifies The Evil Empire that has become the 21st century.

Notes From the Masters Class, January 01,2014

I’m Chuck Robison.  Today is January 1, 2014 and this is Notes From The Masters class.

One of the things that Karen I have discovered over the last 11 years of doing the business What If It Really Works? is, we have interviewed all sorts of people.  We’ve interviewed scientists and consciousness leaders and artists and spiritual leaders and along the way we’ve tried to ask each one of them a question, sometimes toward the end of the interview, and the question is:  If you could tell our viewer or listener one thing that would improve their spiritual experience, right now, what would that be?

The remarkable thing is that, with one notable exception, every person we have interviewed has said essentially the same thing as an answer to that question which is: “Gratitude is the place to begin.”  Think about that for a second and it makes perfectly good sense.  But you would think that over 11 years and all these people someone would’ve said something different than that.   What they’re saying to us is what we’re interpreting is that without a sense of gratitude and without the effort of expressing that gratitude, you’re kinda stuck.

So beginning of course with Thanksgiving, we’ve gone through a period of Thanksgiving or giving gratitude and are accepting our blessings and now we’re going through when we think about Christmas and New Year’s and all the time I think most of us when we think about gratitude we think about let’s be grateful for all the things we have received.

When you make your goals or your intentions or your dreams or desires or whatever it is you want to call what you’re doing as you anticipate this coming year, what you’re really doing is you’re putting your thoughts and your dreams out into the quantum field and the quantum field will receive that, and, just like the subconscious, it only answers “yes”.  When you say to the subconscious anything it says “yes”.  That’s why we have to be very careful of our words.

It’s also true that we have to be very careful about what we dream about or ask for, because you might just get.  In the quantum field there are all sorts of possibilities.  They are endless, but somewhere when you point your intentions or your goals or your dreams or wishes out there, something is going to come to it and something will be on its way back to you because that’s how the Universe seems to work.

So by thinking our I’m getting a blessing giving our gratitude of thanking all the spiritual forces of the Universe for meeting these needs and dreams and desires before they appear, what you’re really telling your subconscious and your quantum field is:  “I know this is coming to me and I am grateful.”  By pushing that button, gratitude, you accelerate the process of whatever you’re dreaming about wishing for or expecting coming to you.

I hope that doesn’t sound mechanical I don’t mean it as mechanical and we cannot always tell exactly how our dreams or prayers or wishes are going to be answered.

If you look back on your life, the answers that you have gotten so far, and this is what I see in my life, is that our needs are met.  The dream, of course, is that you can wish for Mercedes-Benz and you get it.

That’s not how it works.  How it works is, when you say, “I’m grateful that the correct transportation, the best transportation for me and all other people is coming to me now.”  By expressing gratitude you set up for the universe to understand and for your subconscious to understand:  “I believe, I trust, I know it’s going to happen.  So I’d Like for you to think about this this week.  Maybe you haven’t thought about paying your gratitude forward, but it does make a dynamic difference in what happens and the least that will happen is you will help convince yourself that what you need is on its way to you right on time.  If you doubt that, look back on your life and ask yourself: “Did anything arrive too early or too late or did the right thing occur regardless of whatever kind of interference I put into the process?”

So this is Chuck and I  thank you for being with me today.  I look forward to talking to you again soon. Thanks so much.