Notes From the Masters Class 2014-04-29

Chuck discusses some of what he is learning as he and Karen meet weekly with the Ascended Masters and the Archangels for an interview which is then presented on Karen’s Angel Readings by Karen website. (See tab above on right side.)

These audio interviews challenge most of our beliefs and ways of seeing things……and they ALWAYS provide a different way of seeing life and current events…..and one walks away from listening with a deeper appreciation about what is possible in other dimensions.

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  1. Appreciated your article on “Faith, Love,…what if it really works” and reincarnation. Thought you might appreciate the link on “Evidence of reincarnation”
    a video now with 1.5 million hits and done by the doctor who also reviewed our case. Dr. Walter Semkiw, Reincarnation Researcher.
    I especially love reading about you and Karen meeting and knowing right away that you were meant to work together. Best wishes to you both and Bella 🙂