Russell Forsyth is a healer who has been certified under Dr.Doreen Virtue and also works as a crystal bed practitioner, inventor, writer, radio show host, speaker, teacher and musician from Austin, Texas. After an inspirational shift in 2006, Russell has written several books, given workshops, invented a crystal light bed and has appeared on several radio shows, theatre productions and was selected to film a pilot TV show on angel readers. Russell currently cwrites a weekly newsletter called “Angel Whispers”, which features a word study and channeled messages from the angels.

Russell has now embraced his role and works with energy in a practice that includes people of all ages from all walks of life. Russell has enjoyed success in areas of facilitating a person’s natural ability to heal themselves, in his work with people who suffer from severe illness, traumas and emotional conditions. In his work, Russell operates from the intentions of his clients, and that premise enables him to help others with a range of issues, from manifestation to ascension, healing to finding joy, releasing to surrender, all of which offers an opportunities for individuals to partner in the growth process with another human being.

If there was a mission statement for Russell and Beckie, it would be to live in a way to Bring Joy, Ease Suffering and Create Beauty.

Thanks for reading this far and thanks, too, for your support and contribution!