What Is Consciousness?


By Chuck Robison

For the past 20 years I have asked people to define “New Age”. No one seems to agree on what that term means……some say it is about crystals, and drugs and woo woo stuff considered pure foolishness. Increasingly people also mention ‘Consciousness’.

Physicist Dr. Claude Swanson wrote in 2010: “A century ago Neils Bohr proposed that, in Quantum Physics, human consciousness has the power to disturb experiments. Just a peek causes something called “quantum wave function collapse”, which means you just destroyed those nice wave patterns your particles were in. So consciousness is really powerful. Once you have looked, the particle behaves differently. Despite this enormously important role consciousness plays, physicists have avoided studying it ever since.”

Well, that was the last century. Now all of that is changing. In the 1950’s, the renowned theologian, Paul Tillich described God as “The Ground of All Being”. That brings God up close and personal. God no longer lives in the sky somewhere. He is the basis, the essence of everything. God is the ground on which and within which all of our lives and all of our world is lived. God is our ultimate concern.

In 2011, while on our 40 Days and 40 Nights video trip, we stopped to interview Debra Roberts, an organic beekeeper in North Carolina. She told us briefly about the current plight of bees and the mysterious and massive colony collapse. (40% of America’s bees have died off over the past twelve months.) Next, she led us to the seven beehives she was nourishing and I volunteered to sit right next to one of the hives. She let me borrow her wide brim hat to prevent the bees from getting into my hair, where they would have panicked and hurt me and themselves as well.

As I sat next to the hive and the bees began climbing all over me, I had a true spiritual experience. Instantly, I realized that I shared my existence with the bees….they, too, were living as and in the Ground of All Being……Consciousness. That realization brought the lesson: In Consciousness we are ONE with everything. I was ecstatic as I realized the truth of Jesus admonition, that whatever we do to anyone, we do also to ourselves.

Those bees recognized me as Consciousness and they knew that I would not attack myself, disguised as them or any other part of the Consciousness that is our universal experience. Here we have the scientific and spiritual basis for real peace.

At the end of this Old Age we begin to see the truth behind Jesus’ words. Many of Jesus teachings have waited for this moment in history.

Until 1500 the Catholic Church brought us the Dark Ages and treated Science as an evil element which they tried to control. Between 1500 and today, the increasing power of Science allowed it to treat the world of Spirit and God just like the Church had treated Science up until then.

But now, exactly 498 years after Luther nailed the 99 Theses to the Church door, Science is beginning to let go of its attempt to control our growing spirituality and is about to join our emerging global spiritual expression as we, together, create this New Age for which we have so long yearned.

Science has now begun to understand that the world works very much like the mystics of all ages have told us. Science is beginning to write profound theology as a result.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is not just a wise teaching, it is the law. Whatever we do to anyone or anything is also how we treat ourselves, as we are all one in consciousness.

When we spew our trash and waste all over the world, as we have been doing for 100 years, we are destroying not just our world, but everything in it. When we spend our national treasure building 20-megaton nuclear and now neutron bombs, we will literally see our attempts to destroy our enemies’ children blow right back in our faces.

The next time you are about to take an action that will negatively affect anyone or our world, ask yourself this simple question: Would I do this if I was sure that I was doing this to myself?

I found, after my experience with the bees, that understanding our oneness with all of creation simply rules out all the clever ways I unknowingly found to hurt other people and the Earth.

Perhaps you will see this too.

You can see a video of my bee experience at https://whatifitreallyworks.com/?s=bee+keeper

This article appeared in the Hill Country News on June 3, 2015

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  1. Roberta Shoemaker-Beal says

    Wisdom Keeper, Chuck Robison,
    Keeper of the Great Mystery………. You have been asking the BIG questions of us for so long…… I am grateful that SOMEONE is even able to ask such questions, about “How will we evolve? Or NOT? and Will we wake up?Or NOT? !!! It is hard to find folks who will even consider the BIG QUESTIONS, whose answers seem so depressing during this time of difficult transitions….. May we keep our bright lights one, and rest deep in the gentle darkness with deep restorative sleep.

    Just finished reading the Quantum Conspiracy, again, with more consciousness this time. …. Seems to get increasingly timely……….. Think this wonderful and challenging book, which tells us How to WAKE-UP and make it through these troubling times, needs to be made into a socio-science fiction (?) movie…….. It is spell-binding……… I knew the first time when I scanned it, that it would shake me down to my shoe-soles and into the deep crevices of my questing soul! Thanks so much for its vision of a Peaceful Future.

    Thanks so much for you and Karen assembling those us who wish to stay conscious, live consciously and still pass into the next stage of evolution, as best we are able….. May we continue to correspond with one another……… in what ever way possible to stay connected.

    Gratefully. Namaste,

    ……….down in flood ravaged Wimberley. Check out my Facebook for pictures, worth 1000 words. .

    Please everyone of Chuck and Karen’s Questing Community send prayers to the folks along the river. and to the wild life along the river and the trees along the river…..The sun is peeking through again… …. Namaste.