Chuck Robison

Of course I could not choose just one, since my favourites seem to go together perfectly. The first is Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened to you.”

 This verse contains one of the great spiritual secrets of the Bible and of all faiths. God, the Lord Jesus The Christ, the Angels and Archangels, and your own personal guides are all focused on their job to help you grow spiritually as much in this lifetime as is possible. In the brief time we are here, we have the opportunity to grow beyond our wildest dreams.

But the catch is that we have to know what we want. There is a spiritual law that says the Angels and your own personal guides cannot jump in to save you. You must ask. And just like in real life, if you do not know what you want you are likely to get something else.

When we follow the rules and ask for help from all of these other dimensional beings who are here to help us, we get an answer. Try it yourself. I find that I can usually ask for help with anything and somehow the outcome is quicker and much less painful than when I try to go it alone. Do not follow Janis Joplin’s advice and ask for a Mercedes Benz. You don’t need it and it is not important. I do notice that in illnesses, in needing help, even in finding parking spaces or solving another computer problem, when I ask the Angels for help, they respond and the problem is almost instantly reduced to a much lower level of trouble or completely resolved. We are not alone and we are surrounded, each one of us, with a host of willingly helpful multi-dimensional beings. This describes a spiritual process.

My second favourite verse perfectly describes how this process comes to a conclusion. To me, the most beautiful and comforting verse in all of the Bible occurs when one of the men with whom Jesus is being executed asks Jesus to remember him when he comes into his Kingdom and Jesus says in Luke 23:43 “Truly I say to you that today you shall be with me in paradise.”

Here is a bad man, who is experiencing the consequences of his acts, asking at the very last minute for help and he receives the greatest gift of all. Jesus demonstrates Grace to his soul.

We know not what the future has in store for us, but we do know and we benefit from practicing this seemingly simple admonition: ask, seek, and knock.

Somehow in the frequent judgment environment present in many churches, we get to thinking that God is here primarily to judge us and get us ready for hell. But would God really be like that? No, like Father, like Son, Jesus offers us complete grace, a clean slate, a new beginning. All we have to do is ask.

And that is why these two Bible verses are my favourites.