20120220-_MG_Small6032By Chuck Robison

I am pretty sure that heaven already exists right here on Earth, so I am not worried about the accommodations.

I have studied many of the near death reports of people who have been there and come back and I anticipate the following. There will be a meeting with a Being who I will identify as God. Together we will review my life and my interactions with everyone in my life. I will be asked to judge how I lived and I will probably be reeling at the discovery of how many people I mindlessly hurt along the way. The Being will then tell me that none of that was important. What really counted was what I learned in my interactions with all others prior to death. And He will ask me that question. Whatever I have learned in this lifetime will determine the curriculum for my next life on earth. Of course I believe in reincarnation, don’t you?

I will then meet all the people in my life who are, by then, in Heaven. I am already amazed to know that each and every one of them…..especially the ones most difficult to deal with in this life….are powerful eternal spiritual beings who worked with me to learn the lessons my soul needed to learn in this life time. And we will all be together again on Earth to learn the next round of lessons and our souls will continue to grow eternally.

Finally, I will learn again the lesson I am learning now. I am an eternal spiritual being. I’m already where I thought I was going and I have already won the prize. Now there is nothing to do but sit back and enjoy eternity. Now and forever. It’s called Peace on Earth and the Peace that Passes All Understanding.