20120220-_MG_Small6032By Chuck Robison

Less than a month from now we will be celebrating the election of a new President. This will be remembered as the most unusual and contentious election in American history. And then it will be over and life will go on and we will adjust to whomever a majority has selected to lead us for the next four years.

Between now and then many of us will wrestle with fears about who the victor will be and how dangerous he or she is. Media hype will help us ramp up the “fear of change factor” in order to sell ads for soap as we watch the ads for politicians.

Eight years ago, Central Texas stores sold out all of our “hunting” ammo right after the election because we feared our new President would confiscate our weapons and cancel the right we have to own them. The past eight years have been littered with similar fears. But we’re still here and still free and still leading the world.

However, our fears have consequences. Because we have been programmed to believe that “terrorists” are plotting on every corner to attack us, we have allowed somebody to create, right before our eyes, a completely surveilled society and we have repeated the nonsense that, if we have done nothing wrong, we have nothing to fear from Big Brother. But have you noticed that when using your phone, or email, or watching TV there is a little voice always in your head asking if someone is listening to what you are communicating?

And as for terrorists, the odds of being in a terrorist attack or being killed by a terrorist are about one in several million. BUT the odds of having a child with Autism are now less than one in 68. And some of us believe that there is a cause for this dramatic increase in a condition that had one in 2,000 chances of occurring 40 years ago.

By allowing ourselves to be controlled by fear, we neglect solving real problems that are hurting us. And Autism is just one example. The environment is another.

When it comes to fear, our religions are often headed in the wrong direction. Here is the spiritual law that is always in place, all the time, all over the world: Love and Fear cannot co-exist at the same time and in the same place. One always dominates the other. Our Christian churches talk love but motivate with fear. Fear of Hell is a pretty good example.

Here is the truth. Christians and non-Christians alike are all created by God in his image……we are like God and we enjoy, with Him, massive and wonderful characteristics that He exhibits. Chief among these is that we are, each one, eternal. We will survive death and our souls will live forever.

This, alone, is reason enough to seek to replace fear in our lives with love at every opportunity we can.

We have an opportunity, right now, as we move toward the resolution of this current election campaign, to seek only Love. Here is the benefit. As we seek but Love, we will discover that we have all the power we need to solve the problems facing our country and our world. Our greatness is guaranteed by our Founding vision which clearly states that we, The People, are the government.

Let go of fear. Don’t wait. Fear just holds us hostage to ideas and situations which are not true. God’s greatest attribute, which we share because it is the glue of the Universe, is Love. We are Love, God is Love and Love is eternal. Let’s go and be fearless!