By Chuck Robison

Happy Easter, the celebration of the end of Winter and the renewal of life! The history of this holiday goes all the way back to when we observed a lunar calendar, which is to say this is a nature-based holiday which the Jews used to remember Passover and the Christians used to mark Jesus’ death and resurrection.

With global events taking on a more ominous tone, people are turning to religion and the Bible for an explanation of what’s going on. The Bible mentions a world leader coming to the stage claiming that he alone has the power to solve all the world’s problems. People refer to this leader as the Anti-Christ.

The Bible even goes so far as to say that he implements a mark or some form of currency that everyone under his rule will have to adhere to. A mark on their hand or forehead that signifies their allegiance to the Beast. No one under his rule will be able to buy or sell without this mark. It will be forced on all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their forehead.

There is a new emerging technology of implantable RFID chips. These chips are already widely used to track large shipments. They are already in our passports and in our pets. The truly rich families on the planet have already ‘chipped’ their children in case they are ever kidnapped for ransom.

NBC ran a story in February outlining these new developments in this technology. They describe an implantable chip in one’s hand. This chip could interact with your body in the doctor’s office. Scan it, and it could tell your blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, or any other vital piece of information of medical history. How easy would it be to add functions to this chip that’s already in your hand?

How far off in the future do you think this will occur? Not very. IBM has been getting the public primed for years. IBM’s first foray into collecting and organizing vast amounts of information was during World War II. They leased and maintained punch card systems for the Nazis in their concentration camps.

In short, a profound change is coming and it will affect us all. So, pretend that the Anti-Christ is somewhere on the planet right now. How would you react? What would you fear? Who would you look to for leadership? The Bible narrative suggests that this Anti-Christ is the pre-cursor to the End Times. Suppose you knew that regardless of what you wanted or tried to change, this ending time would completely challenge everything in your life.

There is one solution I would like you to consider. Eternity is defined as the beginning-less beginning and the end-less end. We are all already in eternity, and that means the future is certain for us, even if we are beset on all sides by tragedy and horror. We will live forever.

Should this tragedy occur you and I could attempt to imitate Jesus during the original Easter week. He lived every day that week as if it were his last. Yet he had faith that his future was certain, even when it appeared he had been betrayed. He opened his heart to each person he dealt with in that week as if he was already in Heaven.

Time is fleeting and evil, although powerful, can never rule in Eternity. Be at peace and be the truth: WE ARE LOVE. When you feel like all is lost, remember Jesus’ open heart when he told the prisoner crucified with him: “I tell you, today you shall be with me in Paradise”.