Dr. Don Edward Beck, Ph.D. interviewed by Chuck and Karen

We interviewed Don Beck in Dallas on December 4, 2010. In the interview, he explains Spiral Dynamics, his role in the evolution of South Africa including his work with Nelson Mandela, his contribution to the movie Invictus, his work in Palestine and most important, his spiritual path and growth. The last 15 minutes are worth the price of admission all by themselves. This is a MUST SEE video. Enjoy.

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  1. Hi Chuck,

    I watched this video the other night and discovered your work and the best interview I have ever seen with Don. I admire this man’s work and really value what he has done in the world.

    Your interview is of a degree of candor, vulnerability and raw power that deeply impresses me. I have never seen Don talk about his work versus “the work” before–except in bits and pieces–and the insights into a man of action and pragmatism with his courage is huge. He is a man of great principle and responsibility and this comes across powerfully in your interview. Thank you so much for your work.