About Chuck and Karen

Chuck and Karen Robison met in 2002 on the Internet and were married two months later after discovering that they had been preparing all their lives to work together on spiritual growth for themselves and others. Both Karen and Chuck have studied with many of the true spiritual masters of the past 40 years.

Karen’s son Steve lives in east Texas with his family and Ken lives in Marble Falls with his wife. Both manage their own businesses. Ken has one child and two grandchildren and Steve has three children. Chuck’s son David lives in Manhattan with his wife and son Carson, and he is an officer at JP Morgan-Chase Bank.

Karen graduated from the Holmes Institute in Denver as a Prayer Practitioner. Chuck graduated from Austin College in Sherman, Texas and received his graduate degree from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Both have owned their own businesses and also worked for major corporations. Karen owned a printing company in Dallas and Chuck continues to work as an independent consultant in Human Relations issues. Karen has a growing reputation as an angel reader. (To visit that site, Click Karen’s photo on the right, below.)

Karen has served as an educator and Family Ministry Director at the Unity Church of Sedona, The Mile Hi Church in Denver and at the Unity Church of the Hills in Austin.

Chuck served Presbyterian Churches in Huntington, WV, Narberth, PA, Philadelphia, PA, New York City and Telluride, Colorado. Chuck was also Adjunct Chaplain at the Church Center of the United Nations from 1990 to 2000 and on the faculty of the New York Police Academy.

Chuck’s first book, LOOK DEEPLY, was published by Judson Press in 1971. His photographs have appeared in numerous corporate publications, Chief Executive Magazine, Life and New Realities.

Chuck and Karen co-authored The Quantum Conspiracy in 2009.  (See Video Below.)

Karen was born March 12 and Chuck was born March 7. Karen is Italian/Choctaw Indian and Chuck is Welsh/Swiss. They love boating, sailing, swimming, great movies, close friends and the mission they have been called to do with “What If It Really Works?”

Chuck and Karen have Fifteen years experience producing and hosting, first, their own bi-weekly program on NPR affiliate KOTO in Telluride, Colorado and then their weekly program through this web site. Occasionally, Chuck and Karen produce their programs in cooperation with The American Creativity Association, The Institute of Neurological Sciences and with Unity Church in the Heart of Austin. Chuck and Karen moved to Austin in June 2006. Bella, the Star Dog from the Dog Star, Bella the Star Dog from the Dog Star finds this all very wonderful, and all three agree that Austin is the most attuned and welcoming place they have lived.

You can call us at 512-673-7051 or 7052

You can order the book or read some sample pages by clicking this photo of the book cover, below, which is available on Amazon. In addition to the hard copy, this book is instantly downloadable as an e-book from Amazon at a considerable price discount.

Below is The Quantum Conspiracy Video which was made in Telluride, Colorado. Telluride is our former home and much of the book is centered there. Chuck and Karen share their thoughts about their new book. In this video, filmed in Telluride, the major location for the book, they explain why this book is profoundly hopeful about the future. You can learn more about and purchase the book at Amazon.


Chuck has been featured in a new book by Jon Spade titled: How to Believe: Teachers and Seekers Show the Way to a Modern Life-Changing Faith published in 2008 by Random House.

ABOUT THIS BOOK: After seeing Christianity become increasingly defined in the media as a narrow and punitive political movement, Spayde began to wonder: Are religions now just combatants in the culture wars? Should he leave the organized church? How are ordinary people using faith positively to search for the truth and improve their lives? “Jon Spayde is a convivial and wise spiritual scout, who guides us in the direction of a robust Christianity that is deeply grounded in love.

Along the way we meet remarkable figures from diverse religious traditions who inspire with their intelligence, insight and faith. This is the perfect book for all of us who yearn for a greater connection with the divine but still feel a little nervous walking through the church doors.” –Jay Walljasper, senior editor, Ode


“I think over again my small adventures, my fears…..those small ones that seemed so big.  For all the vital things I had to get and to reach . And yet there is only one great thing. The Only Thing. To live to see the Great Day that dawns and the light that fills the world.” Old Inuit Hymn from the movie Never Cry Wolf