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The Monnets and the Smoking For Jesus Ministry!

This is the dramatic and remarkable story of two people chosen by God to lead a caravan of 40 cars and 200 people, including a set of five day old twins, out of New Orleans as Katrina bore down on the city. The journey took them through a large portion of Texas and racing away from the next hurricane, Rita, and brought them to a true garden of hope and real community building in Kingsland, Texas. We fell in love with these remarkable people. Their story is human, sad, happy and totally unique….and I mean UNIQUE.
Photo by David A Saenz

Winter Moon Rises, Scot Blum’s Next Great Book

Scott Blum is a filmmaker and international bestselling author of Waiting for Autumn and Summer’s Path. He is also the co-founder of DailyOM, a popular self improvement website that offers inspirational messages, horoscopes and an on-line retail store. With over 1,200,000 subscribers it has become the premier on-line destination for providing motivational content, products and courses around the globe from some of today’s best-selling authors and luminaries.

His new book Winter Moon Rises continues with a remarkable series of books that deal with unusual time zone, additional dimensions and most importantly the power of seeking spiritual communication with as much of the universe as is possible. You will not read this book without being wonderfully surprised and challenged to continue with your own seeking of all the communication possible!

Andrew Harvey says of Winter Moon Rises “I am not aware of such a book ever having been written before. This work has a unique and modern theme–that of a man who longs to be a father but is overwhelmed with despair and dread when he discovers that everything isn’t as he imagined. This despair and dread take him into a depth of genuine inquiry and openness to revelation that leads him to all his own self-doubts and to a wholly new vision of what Sacred Masculinity can be in a time like ours. So this book is at once a memoir; a thriller; a mystical confession; and a new kind of conversation about the nature of the Masculine and its responsibilities to the worship, adoration, and protection of the Divine Feminine in the great work of our time–the restoration of the full splendor and power of the Sacred Marriage in all of us.

We think you will find our interview with Scott very powerful and informative.

Brian Klemmer 2008-04-03


Dr. Brian Klemmer

Brian Klemmer joins us for a discussion of leadership and integrity and how to maximize our potential. This was a most interesting discussion and one that you are likely to come back to and recommend to your friends.

Jonnie Pashayan 2008-02-09

Johnnie Pashayan joined us for a discussion of what it means to be 13 in an affluent resort town in Colorado.  He is remarkably frank and open and reveals a keen intellect and a charming personality.  This is the second time we have interviewed Jonnie and we intend to follow him as he leaves Colorado for San Francisco and a career in music. Here is a video of part of the interview:

Dr. Andre Kulisz 2008-02-21

Dr. Andre KuliszDr. Andre Kulisz is an internationally recognized physicist and physician who has conducted his own exhaustive research into what creates health and how we can use our natural organic systems to promote and provide for our own health. In this interview he stays remarkably focused on the issue of health, including how our society has lost some of the effectiveness of our natural social immune systems. He is a real joy and challenge to hear.

Edgar Mitchell 2005-01-18

Edgar MitchellEdgar Mitchell was the Command Pilot of Apollo 14 and subsequently founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He talks about the things that are happening in science and how consciousness is the most important field in science. The Institute of Noetic Sciences was featured in Dan Brown’s Book The Lost Symbol.

In 1981 I spent a day with Edgar Mitchell,  Claes Nobel and Gene Kieffer, Yohe Sasakawa and others at Gene’s home in Stamford, CT. This is a photo from that event.

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Nicki Scully 2008-01-31

Nicki ScullyNicki Scully has been teaching healing and shamanic arts and the Egyptian Mysteries since 1983. Techniques from her Alchemical Healing form are used internationally by thousands of practitioners.
She is a lineage holder in the Hermetic Tradition of Thoth and maintains the Lyceum of Shamanic Egypt. She is ordained as a priestess of Hathor by Lady Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis. During her first tour of Egypt with the Grateful Dead in 1978, Nicki experienced an epiphany on the top of the great pyramid, and realized that her purpose in this life is to bring forth the hidden shamanic arts of Egypt. Drawing on the knowledge she has gained through decades of study and practice, she enlightens and uplifts all whom study and travel with her.

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Norman Vaughn 2005-06-07

Norman Vaughn Norman was 99 when we conducted this interview and he was planning his next trip to Antarctica to climb Mount Vaughn which Admiral Byrd named for him on the expedition in 1928. This remarable man was still filled with the drive and power of an explorer when we interviewed him in 2005. This is a remarkable story.

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John Randolph Price 2008-01-17

John Randolph Price John Randolph Price is founder of the Quartus Foundation for Spiritual Research, an international non-profit organization currently headquartered in Boerne, Texas near San Antonio. He has written many books, the first was The Superbeings. This is a remarkably open discussion of his personal spiritual experiences.

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Peter Yarrow & Puff 2008-01-10

Peter Yarrow at PlayPUFF the Magic DragonPeter Yarrow and Puff The Magic Dragon join us for a review of Peter’s new book which is #1 on the best seller lists, his Operation Respect and his other adventures as a world citizen. We also feature four songs from his new album Puff and Other Family Classics.

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