Brian Klemmer 2008-04-03


Dr. Brian Klemmer

Brian Klemmer joins us for a discussion of leadership and integrity and how to maximize our potential. This was a most interesting discussion and one that you are likely to come back to and recommend to your friends.

Linda Pannell

Linda Pannell is a Transformational Energy Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Healers, & Evolutionary Leaders.  She is the Creator of both and, which is a Virtual Vibrational Healing & Training Center and Center for the Evolution of Consciousness.

Linda is also the host of World Changing Wisdom’s consciousness and healing teleseminar series:  Science, Spirituality, and the Sacred–Ancient Wisdom, Modern Miracles.  A former attorney, Linda now studies Universal Law and the healing power of the heart.

In our Interview at the very end of 2009 ,we got personal with Linda and she told of some of what she has been through in order to have gained so much perennial wisdom in a fashion that allows her to share it with others around the world.

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Tom Campbell

Physicist Tom Campbell, has worked for 38 years on consciousness studies including ten years with the Monroe Institute. His book, My Big TOE, may in fact be the first comprehensive statement of the Unified Field Theory. Hear for the first time how physics, consciousness and spirituality all come together.

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