Eugene Sepulveda and the Entrepreneurs Foundation

Eugene joins us for a Austin Kindness & Wisdom interview.  Eugene is both a local and a national player in funding, technology and computer issues.

Victoria Tai, Austin Kindness & Wisdom Interview

588061898_100x75Victoria Tai has been in Austin for ten years. Recently she began to experience her ability to have powerful positive effects on people with physical issues. This is the short story of how living in Austin affected her growth and prepared her for the work she was destined to do here.

Dr. Oliver Markley on Austin Kindness and Wisdom

Oliver joins us outside to discuss why he was called to live in Austin and his idea of what Austin can contribute to World Peace:

Austin Kindness and Wisdom: Olivia Reynolds

Olivia Reynolds discusses her experience with kindness and what she has learned of wisdom at age 20.

This is the third in the Austin Kindness and Wisdom Servies

Austin Kindness: Brad Love

This is No. 2 in our Austin Kindness Series

Brad Love discusses his experience of Kindness.