Gregg Fraley and Improving Creativity

5552471Gregg Fraley speaks with thought-provoking passion about all things creative & innovative, communicating cutting edge ideas, proven methods, insightful perspectives, & innovative take-home actions steps. He informs and inspires by delivering keynotes, seminars, and trainings with humor & idea-generating energy.

Jack’s Notebook is a business novel that has readers learning a framework for deliberate creativity. It’s a fast-paced story illustrating the CPS process (also known as the Osborn-Parnes model). CPS is used widely in innovation — but training is expensive and not widely offered — it’s been a corporate secret. Jack’s Notebook has been adopted by small companies, university professors, students, start-up founders, innovation team leaders — people who share the need to solve complex challenges — with innovative solutions. Jack’s Notebook is required reading for MBA, design, marketing, innovation, and other courses. St. John’s, Cambridge’s Judge Business School, University of California at Berkeley, and University of Seattle are among those schools that use Jack’s Notebook.

Gregg’s diverse business background includes everything from founding and managing high-flying software technology companies to working as an interactive television producer.
Now, he’s the founder of a start-up, KILN, which provides fresh approaches to the innovation process, including a unique innovation subscription service called IdeaKeg.

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Michael Rothschild, Economist


Michael Rothschild, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized economist and creative thinker who has contributed much to our understanding of randomness and the consequences of adverse selection in health insurance. Michael discusses factors about Obamacare and how it is a positive step for our country.

Michael was also Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University from 1995 through 2001. Rothschild is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Economic Association, a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Econometric Society.

Michael is bright, talks in plain language and you will not miss the importance of what he has to say about where we are economically. Additional biographical information is in the introduction of the video itself.

Howard Martin and HeartMath

Our interview with Howard Martin EVP for Strategic Planning at HeartMath reveals the science magic that is being discovered about the electromagnetic field our hearts create as the management factor in our bodies. This is remarkable information that takes centuries of dreams and poetry about the heart and reveals the science of the heart and how we are learning to use that field to change how we deal with people all over the world.

Foster and Kimberly Gamble and THRIVE, The Movie

Here is our interview, in two parts, with Foster and Kimberly Gamble, creators and producers of the movie THRIVE: What In The World Will It Take? which now has been translated into 18 languages and seen by more than 4.5 million people since its introduction seven months ago. It has also become the “trailer’ for the global Thrive Movement, which, among other things, is charting a path toward global totally free energy………now that’s a paradigm shift!

We visited Foster and Kimberly at their home in Santa Cruz, California for this amazing interview. Here the Gambles reveal the story of the creation of their movie THRIVE and the nine years it took Foster and Kimberly to make THRIVE a reality. They are both wonderfully spontaneous, open, honest and authentic. This is the remarkable story of how two very talented people chose to dedicate their lives to solving the most pressing problem of our day.

Their work was given freely for the mass audiences of the Internet. In this two-part interview they discuss how they did it and why, and some of the issues that provided motivation to make the movie and the movement stronger.

This interview is at the top of our short list of best interviews we have produced.



And, Finally, here is the full authorized version of THRIVE The Movie.

Dean Radin and Tom Campbell

On June 25 we took Tom and Pamela Campbell to the Institute of Noetic Sciences Petaluma, California offices to interview Dean Radin. Radin is the Senior Scientist at IONS and the Chief Researcher. He has been responsible for major research and discoveries in the area of Consciousness and has helped integrate this information into main stream science. Their work was reflected in the Dan Brown best seller, The Lost Symbol. Radin’s most recent book is Entangled Minds:Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality.

Tom Campbell is a NASA Physicist whose career started at The Monroe Institute with brain research and remote viewing experiments and he continued his problem solving work with NASA. His book, My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) is gaining a world-wide audience of scientists and seekers who see in it the first statement of the Unified Field Theory that includes, as its foundation, Consciousness.

In the following two-part interview. Radin and Campbell discuss their two perspectives and then go on to explore how experiments could be created to further prove the validity of Campbell’s Theory. Here’s how we evaluate this one: The scientists who see it go wild!

Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell – The Summit

On June 26, 2012, in association with MBT Events, we took Tom and Pamela Campbell to the home of Bruce and Margaret Lipton for an historic discussion between these two giants of New Science. Bruce Lipton is an Epigenetic Biologist and Tom Campbell is a NASA Physicist and each has stepped outside the box of their respective disciplines to bring to us what we believe will be the future where Biology and Physics share the same concepts and understandings and will bring us much closer to a unified scientific interaction with our whole cosmos.

Tom has summed up his findings in his massive statement of the Unified Field Theory in My Big Toe (Theory of Everything), which is unique in that he has found Consciousness to be the foundation for both the objective and subjective worlds before us. Niels Bohr, the famous Physicist said: “The strangest thing in Physics is the way it has treated consciousness. In quantum physics, human consciousness has the power to disturb experiments.

Just a peek causes something called “quantum wave function collapse,” which means you just destroyed those nice wave patterns your particles were in. So consciousness is really powerful. Once you have looked, the particle behaves differently.

And yet, despite this enormously important role consciousness plays, physicists have avoided studying it ever since. It is hard to publish anything in the mainstream physics journals. This made no sense to me at all. If consciousness is that powerful and that important, it should be studied more than all those particles. But it is not.”

Tom Campbell with his theory of the Larger Consciousness System, has brought an end to the avoidance of confronting the role of Consciousness in Physics.

Bruce Lipton with his Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution has moved us from the idea that we are victims of our genes to the powerful realization that we are the makers of our lives when we take responsibility for the environment in which we cause our cells to live.

These two new thoughts make it possible for a unification of Physics and Biology and are the start of a brand new science. This two-part interview will challenge your understanding of who we are and what our purpose is.

You are about to be Rocked! ENJOY!

Scott Andrews as the model for the hero in our book and then more about his biking!

Here is Scott as we interviewed him in 2008 as the model for the lead character in our book, The Quantum Conspiracy.

Scott is a World Ranked Tri-Ahtlete and a Nationally Ranked Bicyclist who is leaving Telluride, Colorado shortly for a race 2700+ miles down the Continental Divide from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. The race may take as long as thirty days and is involves 150 racers in competition. More than anything, this race is a continuation of Scott’s remarkable spiritual quest, which we chronicled in our book, The Quantum Conspiracy.

You’re going to like Scott. He is a one of a kind very special person!

July 11, 2012….Here is the result of all that work!

The Tom Campbell’s My Big TOE: Interviews 1-9

Tom Campbell is a NASA Physicist who has created a Unified Field Theory which he calls My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) because the prior attempts at a unified Field Theory have limited themselves to the so-called ‘objective realities’. What is unique about Tom’s work is that he has included Consciousness itself as the basis of his theory, and likens what we experience as being part of a very large system virtual reality. He points out that over 100 years ago, Neils Bohr, one of the creators of Quantum Mechanics, said that Consciousness is the most powerful force in the universe. Once that statement was made, Science promptly worked to ignore Consciousness as a worthy subject for study or experimentation.

In this new century Science is finally catching up with Bohr. Tom Campbell is one of a small and growing number of scientists who are taking this subject and making powerful scientific sense of it. These nine short interviews reveal Tom presenting us with his Big TOE in very understandable terms. Frankly, this is so exciting, such a great breakthrough, that we want to yell it out from the roof tops. I can actually imagine sitting at a dinner table with Campbell, Einstein and Bohr. Enjoy!

You may also wish to hear our first interview with Tom in 2009.

Follow Tom and his Global Speaking engagements and seminars at My Big Toe Events where you will find complete information about Tom, his publications and current schedule, which includes a seminar at Unity in Atlanta in June 9, 2012. This site is managed by Donna Aveni and Keith Warner, who are doing this work as a commitment to the Great Shift that we are, finally, in the middle of experiencing.

My Big Toe

In this first 20 minute segment, Tom talks about the usefulness of a TOE.

In Part 2, Campbell discusses how Consciousness works for us on the different levels we experience on a daily basis.

In Part 3 Campbell goes to the limit and discusses Love as the means for us to reach the goal of evolution.

In Part 4 Campbell discusses how our beliefs hinder what we can experience and how they hide reality from us.

In Part 5 Campbell answers the question: Where is God in all of this?

Part 6 Campbell begins by explaining that Love is about Other.

Part 7 Campbell begins the discussion of the practical uses of his Big TOE.

Part 8 Campbell discusses more practical uses of his Big TOE.

Part 9 Right here is the CORE of the message…The journey from the intellect to the heart is the real core part of what we are all going through and Campbell joins many other people we interviewed on the 40 Days and 40 Nights Tour who say the same thing from their unique perspectives.

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Flo Bowen and Healing Poetry

Flo Bowen is a world citizen and traveller and has nurtured a powerful talent for writing poetry that heals the person it was written for and the random reader alike. Flo discusses her new book, the processes she uses to write poetry and the ways her work has helped people. This is a gentle and remarkable woman on a mission!

Sal Rachele discusses Ascension 2012

Sal Rachele’s most recent book is

    Earth Awakens: Prophesy 2012-2030

Sal discusses the ongoing process of Ascension in our lives and uses information from The Founders to inform his insights and predictions. He is a remarkable scientist who has stepped all the way outside the box to join those other brave explorers of the science of tomorrow. Enjoy this one…… will challenge you!