Fourth Sunday in April in Austin 2011

This is Chuck and Karen’s presentation on Easter Sunday to the monthly Gathering. We had a great group, a wonderful lunch and a spirited discussion.

March 2011 Fourth Sunday Gathering

Our March 27 gathering included a presentation by Karen and Chuck titled: “2012: Getting Serious About Consciousness” and then a viewing of the movie 2012 The Odyssey. This video is a record of the presentation and discussion.

Fourth Sunday in Austin for February 2011

Chuck and Karen lead the group in meditation, presentation and discussion on the topic of “Creating a Positive Vision for the Future”. This discussion centers on our need and opportunity to remain calm and focused during this time of The Crazy. We validate the reason for this action and suggest several ways each can participate and the value and benefits for creating a real positive vision for the future that is hurtling at us like the cannonball express!

2011-01-23 Fourth Sunday in Austin

This video places you in the middle of the January 2011 Fourth Sunday Gathering in Austin. Our presentation and discussion ranged from Quantum Physics to Forgiveness with a focus on staying the course of Spirit thought this time of The Crazy. Enjoy!

Chuck’s Talk at the Fourth Sunday Gathering in Austin for November

Chuck talked about where we are in the Global Evolutionary Shift and how we can increase our participation in this historical moment.

Fourth Sunday in Austin October 2010

This is a recording of my presentation to the Fourth Sunday Gathering in October 2010. I talked about new Consciousness and the proper reliance on faith and then discussed Dr. Katya Walter’s new book, The Double Bubble Universe and the explanation for how things show up right on time.

Fourth Sunday in Central Texas – April 2010

4th Sunday in Central Texas – April 2010