Notes From the Masters Class 2014-05-29

Chuck has created his latest Notes From the Masters Class which you can view above. In this edition, Chuck discusses a very small part of what he has learned from Huston Smith, Aldous Huxley and Gopi Krishna.

These short homilies seem to be reaching people on the deep level we intended them to be received.

Notes From the Masters Class 2014-05-11

Edited Text.

This is Chuck Robison. Last summer Karen and my sister Alice Weatherby motored out to Burnet, Texas to meet Pastor Willie Monnet and his wife Claudette who is also a minister in his and their church, which is titled Smoking for Jesus Ministry. That interview appears elsewhere on our webpage, I’ll leave a note right underneath here that tells you that, but here’s what we learned with Pastor Monet.

In 2005 he had a dream in January and the dream was that he was going to have to pack up his church and leave New Orleans. The next day he told his parishioners that he had this dream and he was completely dumbfounded by what could possibly mean. In September 2005, when the great storm hit and the Saturday night before it hit on Sunday. Pastor Monet, who had a large church in New Orleans (it was better than a block long and it had a lot of members) was able to get 200 of them into 40 cars to leave New Orleans.

Among those 200 people was a couple with a brand-new five day old set of twins and older people and many of the entire community that were in his church. They expected to be back in four or five days at the most because they had left New Orleans before windstorms came but when they left New Orleans this time they didn’t realize it would be the last time that any of them would ever live there.

They had to go across Louisiana and then they went into Texas all the way up to Dallas and then they looped back and they spent some time here in Austin and then they began in earnest to figure out what it was that they were supposed to do and it took a long, long time.

In the interview which I know you’re going to enjoy seeing, Pastor Monet said at every point along the way, when there is was a decision to be made, as the leader, he simply stopped and prayed and waited. He didn’t give any commands or take any action until such time as he was sure his prayer had been answered with clear direction as to what to do next.

Now to me this was an incredible lesson in patience. Here was a man who was in his late 50s, he had 200 people following him in cars and they were going all over Texas trying to find a place to live. They were able to find a series of apartments in Marble Falls that was very good for them, and other places, but they were looking for a permanent place. They had to let go of the idea that there would be returning to New Orleans.

So finally thru a very unusual set of circumstances they were entitled to ownership of a 56 acre property in the middle of the Hill Country in Texas close to one of the big lakes. It had a chapel, it had dormitories, it had houses, it had an administration building. It was absolutely perfect and these people in this congregation, who came to Texas because of this hurricane, have improved that land and improved that community, so that when you walk into their church it is totally vibrant and it’s all about trusting in God.

This man and his wife and his followers demonstrated incredible patience in the face of daily frustrations about where they were from, where they were going and why they were here. Yet because they kept their belief that the universe was unfolding exactly as it should, they knew that when the time come from for them to find a permanent place it would be better than at their beginnings.

This is true for you and me as well. If you’re going through a period in your life right now, and I am, where you’re trying to be patient and wait for the right things to come at the right time, there are plenty of examples of people out there who said yeah we’ve got a lot to wait for and I guess all we can do is be patient.

So here’s something for you to think about and this is from a Master in Burnet Texas. When you’re faced with a decision of what to do next, it is wise to say a prayer and say “I know you will show me exactly what to do when the time is right”. Even if you have problems believing that God is going to talk to you, and you shouldn’t because he is, but even if you have problems with that, just stopping long enough to gather patience for yourself and to put yourself in a position where you can hear and listen to what’s coming, you might experience what I’ve experienced a number of times in my life and that is: regardless of what you want, you need to ask for it.

Once you’ve done that you need to add one more sentence at the end of what it is you’ve asked for in that sentence. “This or something better.” Because if you do not get what you’re wishing for then God will see to it that the reason for that is something better is coming along. It might not be something better in terms of what your community sees, it might be something better for your soul and your soul came here to learn some very powerful lessons. As you release all your concerns and your fear, you begin to realize that this is fundamentally the experience of your soul in this third dimensional environment and that you came here to learn.

In your case, in my case and most everybody else’s case, some very powerful difficult lessons are resolved and you can relax and say. “ Okay I came here for that. I know that. Bring it on.” And you will never find that you are given a lesson greater than what you can deal with regardless of the size, regardless of who you are, regardless, your lessons are tailor-made for you, just as mine are tailor-made for me. As you look back over your life you may see one day that there’s a pattern here. It appears as though most of my lessons were developed in dealing with patience or power or love or abandonment, whatever the issues were, those issues have been in your life to help your soul. They were custom-made in your life to help your soul learn the lessons you came here to learn.

And the powerful lesson for me is demonstrated all around us and you’ll see that when you watch Pastor Monet. The lessons that you came here to learn are being brought to you right on time.

This is Chuck this is the Masters Class and I thank you for being with us. We’ll see you next week.

Notes From the Masters Class 2014-04-29

Chuck discusses some of what he is learning as he and Karen meet weekly with the Ascended Masters and the Archangels for an interview which is then presented on Karen’s Angel Readings by Karen website. (See tab above on right side.)

These audio interviews challenge most of our beliefs and ways of seeing things……and they ALWAYS provide a different way of seeing life and current events…..and one walks away from listening with a deeper appreciation about what is possible in other dimensions.

Notes From the Masters Class, January 01,2014

I’m Chuck Robison.  Today is January 1, 2014 and this is Notes From The Masters class.

One of the things that Karen I have discovered over the last 11 years of doing the business What If It Really Works? is, we have interviewed all sorts of people.  We’ve interviewed scientists and consciousness leaders and artists and spiritual leaders and along the way we’ve tried to ask each one of them a question, sometimes toward the end of the interview, and the question is:  If you could tell our viewer or listener one thing that would improve their spiritual experience, right now, what would that be?

The remarkable thing is that, with one notable exception, every person we have interviewed has said essentially the same thing as an answer to that question which is: “Gratitude is the place to begin.”  Think about that for a second and it makes perfectly good sense.  But you would think that over 11 years and all these people someone would’ve said something different than that.   What they’re saying to us is what we’re interpreting is that without a sense of gratitude and without the effort of expressing that gratitude, you’re kinda stuck.

So beginning of course with Thanksgiving, we’ve gone through a period of Thanksgiving or giving gratitude and are accepting our blessings and now we’re going through when we think about Christmas and New Year’s and all the time I think most of us when we think about gratitude we think about let’s be grateful for all the things we have received.

When you make your goals or your intentions or your dreams or desires or whatever it is you want to call what you’re doing as you anticipate this coming year, what you’re really doing is you’re putting your thoughts and your dreams out into the quantum field and the quantum field will receive that, and, just like the subconscious, it only answers “yes”.  When you say to the subconscious anything it says “yes”.  That’s why we have to be very careful of our words.

It’s also true that we have to be very careful about what we dream about or ask for, because you might just get.  In the quantum field there are all sorts of possibilities.  They are endless, but somewhere when you point your intentions or your goals or your dreams or wishes out there, something is going to come to it and something will be on its way back to you because that’s how the Universe seems to work.

So by thinking our I’m getting a blessing giving our gratitude of thanking all the spiritual forces of the Universe for meeting these needs and dreams and desires before they appear, what you’re really telling your subconscious and your quantum field is:  “I know this is coming to me and I am grateful.”  By pushing that button, gratitude, you accelerate the process of whatever you’re dreaming about wishing for or expecting coming to you.

I hope that doesn’t sound mechanical I don’t mean it as mechanical and we cannot always tell exactly how our dreams or prayers or wishes are going to be answered.

If you look back on your life, the answers that you have gotten so far, and this is what I see in my life, is that our needs are met.  The dream, of course, is that you can wish for Mercedes-Benz and you get it.

That’s not how it works.  How it works is, when you say, “I’m grateful that the correct transportation, the best transportation for me and all other people is coming to me now.”  By expressing gratitude you set up for the universe to understand and for your subconscious to understand:  “I believe, I trust, I know it’s going to happen.  So I’d Like for you to think about this this week.  Maybe you haven’t thought about paying your gratitude forward, but it does make a dynamic difference in what happens and the least that will happen is you will help convince yourself that what you need is on its way to you right on time.  If you doubt that, look back on your life and ask yourself: “Did anything arrive too early or too late or did the right thing occur regardless of whatever kind of interference I put into the process?”

So this is Chuck and I  thank you for being with me today.  I look forward to talking to you again soon. Thanks so much.

Notes From the Masters Class 12/3/2013

Hi, this is Chuck Robison and this is the show, Notes From the Masters Class and today is Tuesday, December 3, 2013. And if you’re anything like I am, you’re going through days right now when you look at out on the world and say “Boy, this is mess that we’re in” and then there are days when you look at the world and say “wait, a minute this is pretty good this is a real possibility, there is reason for hope”.

Now when you’re looking at the things that create despair, there are plenty of them. All you have to do is go as far as genetically modified organisms, which apparently are the seeds that are producing almost all the grains and a lot of other things that we are using. If you’ve ever asked does evolution exist, think about this: in my lifetime, which is a little over 70 years, we have put in at least 500 new chemicals into the environment every year since 1960. And these new chemicals are put in the environment and nobody knows how they are going to affect us, but somehow or another, so far, we had been able to evolve or adapt, adopt or become capable of living in an environment that is polluted by things that we don’t know what it is doing to us, but we are still surviving.

And if you think about the other things that are causing us despair all of us know that it seems like the top corporations and not just the quote, unquote American corporations, but the global corporations want to really run the show of governments and we’re seeing it right here in our own government. And we also see governments, especially our government, that does not seem to work so well. Imagine this is December 3rd and the United States Congress plans, in the next eight days that they’re going to be working, to pass three bills, all of which are massively unimportant.

What’s that about? Well, we don’t know what it’s about, but it begins to make you ask the question: Who exactly is in control here, who’s calling these shots? And from the appearance of just looking at things, nobody is controlling anything.

And because of that, we can have a little bit of hope, because nobody has shown at my door, and they probably haven’t shown up yours, and said, “Oh by the way, we’re in control now you’ll do what we tell you.” But that’s part of the despair because that could actually happen all over the world.

Now on the hope side of the scale, there’s one thing that’s really, really important and I’d like for you to consider that. You’ll remember that six weeks ago or so The President of the United States came on the television said, folks sorry to tell you this but we’re going to have to go to war in Syria because those people killed some kids in and we’ve got to deal with them. Now never mind the fact that there are and were a million child refugees who have left Syria and are living in the desert in tents and they can have hardly any water, there’s no sewage, there’s no electricity and there’s no education.

Here’s 1 million kids that need help, but we were planning on taking our resources and going in and killing some more people. Doesn’t make any sense, and it didn’t then. So, within 36 hours The President came back and says, Well, you know, I think I’m going to take this to the Congress a let them buy into it.

And then shortly after that, the Syrians said, wait a minute. We’ll give up our weapons of mass destruction and our chemical weapons, You guys can have it. And all of a sudden the reason for going to war was blown away. Now that didn’t happen by accident, and it wasn’t one or two people in Washington or Syria or Russia or any place else that made it happen. It was you and I, because without parades without protest without writing articles or anything else, we all just said to ourselves, “You know what? We don’t want that.” It’s like the 1960s when they said “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came.” Well, that happened to us and here’s why that happened.

You and I are connected to a larger consciousness system. You and I are connected to each other and all the other almost 8,000,000,000 people on this world. With de Chardin’s Nous Sphere, or the global mind, or call it whatever you want, but we are connected to each other through a global consciousness. And when we have experiences that remind us of that, and prove that to us, all of a sudden we get this little tiny glimpse, “Wow what if we have that kind of power?” What if we have the ability to change the world and world situations, just by thinking together and saying you know what, we’re not coming to your war. There’s a better way, we know there’s a better way and we’re not going to play.

And we did that, we really did that and it was a lot less difficult than stopping the Vietnam War, which also was a result of us connecting with our consciousness and saying, enough.

Now we have power beyond our wildest dreams and there are lots of people out there who would like for you to not know that. Who would like for you to forget that, who would like for you to think “Gee, that we better let them control things because we don’t know……” Nonsense.

We, every one of us, are in a position of incredible power. Our power is consciousness and our connection to each other. And if you will join me, because I work on this, if you join me in connecting with each other through this global brain, we will be able to drive things in a positive, helpful and healthy direction despite all the other forces arrayed against us who say, “It can’t be done.” It can be done! It is a spiritual experience. It is a God given power and you and I have it. And we have it when we know it, and we don’t know it, when we forget it, when were talked out of it, we don’t. We always have access to it but, if you don’t use it you lose it.

So I like for you to suggest that I’d like to suggest to you, give this some thought give this a chance, and look around and see how you are in communication with people all over the world and what we are doing. This is the age of the mind and the more we’re able to use it, the more power we are going to have. And so I thank you for being with me today. I look forward to doing this again soon and remember, all minds are joined. Thanks.

Notes From the Masters Class 2013-09-17

This is the next in the series of Notes and it is based on comments by both Sanat Kumara and Isis, Ascended Masters who have been interviewed by Karen and myself. You can listen to all of these interviews and new ones weekly by using the Angel Readings tab above on the right side.

“Hi this is Chuck Robison and today is Tuesday the 17th of September, 2013, and this is Notes From The Masters Class.

A couple weeks ago I was at the Costco store, maybe 15 miles down the road from where we live, and I got to talking to one of the managers and he was explaining to me that they were stocking up everything they could with Christmas stuff because they were opening a new store closer to here, and they were going to be completely ready for Christmas. And this was in the beginning of September.

I thought about that and I thought, you know Christmas is something that we all look forward to, and we all know the script, but it has a much deeper meaning. And the meaning is Peace on Earth, good will to men and women. And we seem to forget that, and yet at the same time, last week something really remarkable, really remarkable happened. You will recall, this is Tuesday, so that would have been a week and a half ago or so, when it was pretty well agreed that we were going to attack Syria. And the funny part about that was that nobody in the leadership thinks that, you know, there must be a better way.

There must be some way to do this and accomplish this without missiles and bullets, and bombs, and all this other stuff we knew would go on. And on top of that there wasn’t a tremendous amount, in fact there wasn’t very much discussion at all in the populace about it, everybody just said, hmm, what are we going to do now.

And then almost overnight we did something that is as profound, even more profound possibly, than when we ended the war in Vietnam with our protests. That is, more people changed their mind almost instantly, and when they changed their mind, some of them wrote to their Congressman, some of them wrote to the President, some of them talked across the back fence. But people began to communicate telepathically, with letters and other things, and they said, you know what, we don’t want another war.

And somehow or another, the leaders of the government had to confront the fact that nobody wanted to do it, it’s like that wonderful poster from Vietnam, you may remember this, I remember it. It said, “suppose they gave a war and nobody came”. That’s basically what’s happened in the last week here. We were invited to a war and everybody said we’re sorry we’re not going to be going to this.

Now what this suggests to me, and may prove to you is, that when we change our mind, and when we focus on things that are a little bit higher than killing our brothers and sisters, regardless of the reason, we can find a better way to solve problems. And I’m not talking about politics, I’m talking about peace on Earth, good will toward men. And when you’re preparing to go to war, as Einstein said, you cannot possibly create peace. They don’t go together, they’re like fear and love, they are total opposites. And it’s our job, that’s you and me, to use whatever power we have, and we have an incredible amount of power, to change things for the better.

There must be a better way, and we are the ones who can find it. Now think about this a little bit this week, somehow or another enough of us found the right way to see to it that what we didn’t want didn’t happen. That’s the negative way to say it. But the positive way is the power way. We wanted something better than just another war, and, by the way, I remind you that every war we’ve gotten into since 1945 has resulted in this same thing. We just keep doing this over and over again, assuming that sooner or later we’ll win one of these. Well, we’re not going to win one of these because they don’t work anymore. And you know that, and I know that, and lots and lots and lots of our brothers and sisters know that just as well.

It’s time to say war for any reason, especially for energy, carbon energy is now finished. And we can do that. We can make up our mind and we can discover what we’ve done, and then make up our mind we are not going to let this happen again. So, let’s go back to that Costco manager that I talked to. He’s getting ready for Christmas with all the supplies and stuff that supposedly makes Christmas whatever it is. But you and I can get ready for Christmas this afternoon. We can change our mind across the board and say, you know what, what we really would like to see is peace on Earth and good will to men and women, and even little black dogs that make too much noise when their father is trying to say something to his friends. So folks, thank you for joining us today. It’s been fun. I look forward to seeing you again. Peace on Earth, good will to men.”

Notes From the Masters Class 8-29-13

Chuck presents another in the series, Note From the Masters Class. In this presentation Chuck discusses surrender and the issue of control in our lives.

Hi, today is August 29th, 2013, the anniversary of Katrina hitting New Orleans. I’m Chuck Robison, and this is Notes From the Masters Class.

If you’re anything like I am, you go through these periods when you have to relearn and relearn and relearn an old and what should be fundamental lesson. But these lessons come back to us again and again because, sooner or later, we really do learn how to deal with them. But it’s always difficult, it’s always different, and it’s always powerful.

So I’ve gone through a situation, in the past six weeks or so, where I’ve had to completely surrender what I thought was a done deal and was going to go my way. It didn’t, and it hurt to realize that. But as I’ve gone through this process this time, and, by the way, a friend of mine says, “Wisdom is learning you don’t have to make the same mistake the third time.” As I’ve gone through it this time, I’ve realized that surrender is a good concept. You let go and as they say, you let God.

But you’re really not surrendering because, in the long run, you don’t have control – and I mean this – over anything. Somehow or another, we think we have control. We’d like to have control. We manipulate it as if we have control. But the truth is consciousness itself is working out its own plan with and through us, and the quicker and the more completely we accept that, which is another word in this case for surrender, the quicker we do that, the faster it becomes apparent that what consciousness is trying to work out through us is far beyond our greatest imagination. That’s what I’m finding out this time as I relearn this lesson.

I was faced with a situation where I had to let go. There was no other opportunity. There was no other option. Let go and that was it. And part of letting go is saying, “Okay, I surrender. I give up. It ain’t going to go my way.” And that’s the truth.

But what happens, when you do that letting go and that surrender, is you accept and acknowledge the fact that you’re not in control from that point forward. But the reality is you weren’t in control before that point. And frequently, very frequently, the problems that we encounter, where we do have to surrender, give up or let go, are problems of our own making.

If we would do this business of accepting and letting go and surrendering all the time, the problems that we encounter, at least that’s what I think my lesson is, the problems would be less difficult and less traumatic. What happens to me is something I learned a long time ago.

I wanted to leave New York, and I worked for 20 years to leave New York. But I wanted to leave New York and I wanted to move out West. I picked Taos, New Mexico as my place where I wanted to be. I wanted a specific job there. I wanted to be the minister of the Presbyterian church in Taos. For 20 years, I did everything I possibly could to get that job. The man who was there was a retired Army chaplain, and every year he would announce that he was going to leave and retire, and every year shortly after that, he’d say, “No, I don’t think I’m going to retire.”

So after about 20 years of working for this and trying to make it happen, I went to a person who helped me with making visions. I said, “What do I do? I know exactly what I want. I know where I want it, and it’s not happening.” She said, “Well, keep the vision exactly the way you’ve stated it up to this point. Keep it in writing. But at the end of the piece of paper, where your vision is written, add this one particular sentence, and that sentence is, ‘This or something better.‘”

I did that. I went home and I put down “This or something better” at the bottom of my vision statement. Within a matter of days, an opportunity opened up that I never expected, would never have guessed could happen, and the next thing I know, I was in Telluride, Colorado. I had moved up to 10,000 feet. I moved out West, and my life was radically changed and became much different in what appears, looking back now, like a twinkling of an eye, when I just said, “This or something better, I surrender. Whatever you bring me, I’m assuming it’s going to be better, and I’ll accept it.”

Now, the lesson here is just this: We are all part of consciousness. The theologians, the classic theologians would never equate consciousness with God, but I do. I think that God is everything, in everything, is everything, and consciousness is the glue, the material, the stuff that we
make life out of. I’m consciousness, you’re consciousness, the bees are consciousness, the plants are. It’s all the same thing. The mountains are

God is in the middle of all of that, and there is a plan. I know some of you might think, “Oh, no, there’s not a plan.” Yes, there is. This is a not a random choice, and it was Einstein that said, “God does not play dice with the universe.” So there is a plan. We may not know what it is or where it’s going, but it’s going someplace. As soon as we get out of the way and as soon as we accept what it is that consciousness is putting before us, the safer we become, the stronger we become, the more involved we become, and the less fearful we become.

It’s kind of that simple. It’s not really that simple, but it’s easy to say it’s simple. The fact of the matter is the battle goes on right here in our hearts. “I want my way. I want my stuff. I want me, me, me, mine.” And the universe says, ‘That’s terrific. Thank you for letting us know.” But as soon as you figure this out and get out of the way, you’ll see what’s about to happen, and it will be better than you ever dreamed.

So I want to share that with you, and as a footnote to that, I want to show you this. This is our book, “The Quantum Conspiracy.” Now, we wrote this book in 2007, and we finished it in 2008 and it was published in 2009. We knew at the time that it was not going to be well-understood or appreciated for a while. Now, all of a sudden, really a surprise, the stuff that we have written about in this book, the events, the people, the concepts, the ideas, the prophecies are all revealing themselves to have been true.

So this book, “The Quantum Conspiracy“, which Karen and I wrote together, can be found on Amazon in a Kindle or an e-mail edition and also in a hardcover. Actually, it’s not a hardcover. It’s a paperback book. It was published by O-Books in London. I think you might enjoy this book. It’s not expensive anymore, and it’s a possibility for you to look around and say, “Wow. What is going on?” Because folks, any way you shake it, there is so much going on that this is magic time.

So this is Chuck. I want to thank you for being with us today, and I look forward to seeing you again. Bye-bye.

Present and All-In

20120220-_MG_6032The great 19th and 20th Century mystic, Vivekananda, came to America in 1893 to address the Parliament of Religions during the World’s Columbian Exhibition in Chicago.  It was a moment of great spiritual awakening in our country as we discovered in a new way the truth that God speaks to us all around the world.

In his presentation, Vivekananda made the following statement:  “The moment I have realized God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him, that moment I am free from bondage, everything that binds vanishes and I am free.”  In another presentation he said, “ Meddle not with so-called social reform, for there cannot be any reform without spiritual reform first.”

When I first read these two quotes I wanted to teleport myself back to that event in 1893, because these words make so much hopeful sense at a time when almost nothing else seems to make sense in our national and international life.

Even though we have known and mostly supported living in a surveillance society since 2001, suddenly we are waking up to discover what that is beginning to mean.  We have willingly traded our privacy for what no longer seems like security.  Black boxes in our new cars keep track of what happens, cameras everywhere can use facial recognition to find us in crowds, our financial transactions are fully recorded in our cashless society, our emails and phone calls are a matter of record and the ‘hidden government of the NSA’ does not even let Congress have an accurate accounting of what this secret government is doing.

Now the results are starting to show.  We are rapidly learning to trust no one and to assume that we are being spied upon even in our own homes.  It may be too late to reverse this trend or to bend it in a more positive direction.  As Kierkegaard saw in the 1840’s, we have become the victims of Fear and Trembling, The Sickness Unto Death.

Americans, of course, insist we are free regardless of what reality is showing us.  This is the Grand Illusion of our time.  Realistically speaking, no amount of weaponry, nor  threats of attacking anyone, nor attempts to change the entrenched dynamics of our government have much potential to alter the course we all agreed to in 2001.

At the risk of sounding like another “pie in the sky” preacher, I suggest there is a way out of this crisis.  We can move up to another level of consciousness, we can seek a new spiritual experience of ourselves and we can change our minds about who we are and how safe we really are.  I urge you to consider this.

Guilt is about the past.  Fear is about the future.  Neither exist as you read this.  There is only here and now……that is our earthly reality.  In this moment, this Holy Instant, there is the potential to experience God right before your eyes wearing, just like you, a human body.

We will not experience our own holiness without first seeing that very holiness in others.  Each one of us, all 7 billion of our species, is a holy, divine, eternal, spiritual being, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Being present in this instant, being all-in, gives us the freedom to see our oneness and allows us the power to create for ourselves and our world interdependent, cooperative, enlightened ways of dealing with our global issues.

When God created your body, he managed to get more than 50 trillion cells to cooperate and work together for your health and ability to accomplish what you came to Earth to do.  Now, all 7 billion of us have the challenge to work together to create a better way of living together on this small planet lost in the stars.  Surely, if 50 trillion cells can work together in each of our bodies, then 7 billion cells in the body of humanity can work together as well.

When that day dawns in each of our hearts, we will see the end of our bondage to fear and trembling and we will be “Free at last, thank God Almighty, we will be free at last!”.

Notes From the Masters Class, June 14, 2013

This is the video we produced to comment on the current political situation in America. In it, we urge Light Workers to become fully awake and to see the solutions to our problems on a higher level of Consciousness.

Hi, today is Friday, June 14th, 2013. This is Flag Day, and it’s appropriate because, if you’re like me, over the last couple of weeks you might feel like you’ve been rocked by the news and the information that we’ve been dealing with. The business of the surveillance that we’re living under, apparently by choice, the whole question of what’s been going on with Syria, and all the other problems at least make me feel like we are just spinning in our tracks.

Now, one of the things that’s interesting about that is, that John Kenneth Galbraith, who was an economist and a social commentator, said, in the mid of the last century, that we are becoming, and by now we are, “A nation of consumers and not a nation of citizens.” Somehow or another in our rush to consume all the wonderful things that come our way, we have somehow forgotten what it means to be a citizen. To take responsibility for what our country does and what we do within our country. So that when we’re hit by all this stuff that involves citizenship and government, and we feel like we can’t have any impact on it.

Part of the responsibility for that is us. By focusing on consuming stuff, and you remember right after 911 we were told, “Everything’s OK folks, go on back to bed, just go shopping.” But the truth is we have got to wake up as citizens. Now, the first thing that happens when you start to wake up as a citizen is, you discover that there is more than enough stuff out there to me really negative about. It is overwhelming. And being negative only attracts more things to be negative about. That’s fine for some people. There’s some people that have a valid reason to be negative, and on top of that, they balance out the scale, but that’s not for you and that’s not for me.

Our job is to be light workers. To carry the light into any situation in which we find ourselves. I saw an article the other day and it was talking about how some environments are toxic, and they’re toxic because only maybe one person just lives in a world of anger or fear, or conflict, and they become a carrier. And everybody else in that environment winds up having the same problem as the carrier does.

It is also true that you and I, when we focus on the light and we intend to bring light into everything we do; you and I are carriers that can affect, and infect any situation we’re in and make it better. Now, I don’t think any of us, certainly not me, are going to be able to change the environment we’re in by taking specific actions or protesting this or that. But as citizens alone, just that. We have a responsibility to see to it that we’re informed, and that we do the very best we can. And part of that means that wherever there is hatred, we sew peace. Wherever there is darkness we bring light. Wherever there is doubt, we bring hope. And the list goes on and on but what I’m trying to say, and you understand what I’m trying to say is that our job is to not flag or falter on the question of bringing light to every situation and there’s so much going on right now that needs somebody, and that’s you and me, to shed light and say to each other and the world, wait a minute.

There is another way of looking at this. There must be and there is another way. And if we start just with that premise, which by the way is the initial premise of the course of miracles. There must be a better way. If we start there, then we open the door to possibilities that others can’t see because they are consumed with negativity. It’s up to you and it’s up to me.

We’re the people that we’ve been waiting for. We’re the people who are going to solve the problem. And we’re the people who are responsible. So I’d like for you to think about this. This is not a mumbo-jumbo thing. This is not pie in the sky, this is reality. We must take control of our role in all of this and we must do it now, and we must do it consistently. There are plenty of people out there who want to go to war. Who want to cause problems, who want to exclude somebody from everything. All that’s all set in place, but what isn’t in place are the people like you and me who are ready to say, wait a minute; let’s see if we can live this thing through in light. Let’s see if we can do it together without excluding anybody. Let’s see if we can actually find a new way to solve the problems that seem to engulf and devour us.

Now, here’s something to think about. The problems we have, as Einstein said, cannot be solved at the level at which they were created. And all the people that are reflecting and reacting to the negativity around us, are simply stuck on the level where the problems are created. But you and I have the opportunity to look out and say, you know what, there must be a better way. Let’s go up a level, and let’s find the genius’s among us who can understand this and show us the way to make the changes that must be made.

This is a really critical time. Things are changing, they will change, but it’s not a given that they’re going to change automatically or it’s going to be for the positive. That remains to be seen. So for this week, eginning today on Flag Day, think a little bit about what it means to be a citizen and not a consumer. To be a light worker, rather than a negative carrier, and think about what it would mean if you and I and all of us working together were to discover that there are solutions to all of these problems on a higher, different, better level of consciousness. It’s here, it’s possible, it’s happened before, and it can happen again. If we wake up and stay awake, and show other people that by being awake we make a significant contribution. So that’s what I’d like for you to think about. That’s what I’m going to be thinking about, and I thank you for listening. We’ll see you next time.

Notes From the Masters Class 2013-06-08

This is Chuck’s regular Notes video and it features the work of Vivekananda and LIVING AT THE SOURCE.

“Hi this is Chuck and this is Notes From the Masters Class. This week I’ve been reading the works of Vivekananda, in a book called Living at the Source. He died at age 43. He was in this country twice and that was in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He created a firestorm of thought and change everywhere he went.

And here’s something that just sticks to me so easily: ‘When man has seen himself as one with the Infinite Being of the Universe, when all separateness has ceased, when all men and women, all gods and angels, all animals and plants and the whole universe has melted into that oneness, then all fear disappears’.

I’ve had several experiences in my life where I have learned, actually very pleasantly, that as I began to understand that we are all connected to each other. Regardless of whether you are animals, plants, or people. I have learned that, and I am learning it in little tiny pieces. But what I discover is, that when I let that happen, there is no fear. There is no fear.

One of the things that is important to me is, I have also learned that when I make any decision based on fear, it’s always the wrong decision. Always. Because fear is anticipating something that isn’t real. Now that does not say you throw caution to the wind, or you don’t be concerned about what is going on, but the response is not fear. Fear is a way for us to withdraw ourselves from the situation, withdraw ourselves from other people, and to avoid conflict. And yet as Vivekananda goes on to say, it is conflict that makes all the difference. It creates the movement that we need to go from one level to the next level. Fear makes us run away and hold ourselves apart. And this is what Vivekananda said about that. ‘I am thoroughly convinced that no individual or nation can live by holding itself apart from the community of others. And when ever such an attempt has been made under the false ideas of greatness, policy, or holiness, the result has always been disaster to the secluding one.’

What I take away from this is that we have been living in this country for the last 12 years under fear. Somehow or another we have let it be created for us. We have let it be created in ways that have really released our rights. We have released our sense of power in changing things. And most importantly, we have become afraid of each other. And it is not working. It is disastrous.

Imagine the situation that we are in politically right now. People cannot even talk to each other. Because they are afraid, because they think something is going to happen to them that they don’t want. We are all one. Our founding fathers were not stupid when they said ‘E pluribus unum’, one from many. So, not only is that a good political idea, but spiritually it is the truth. We are one with the universe. We are one with each other. And we are one with God. Think about that for a while. Next week we will deal with something else. Take care.”