Dr. Katya Walter discusses the connection between physics and metaphysics as revealed in Jungian Dream Analysis

This remarkable interview will inform, enliven and amuse you for the breadth and depth of Dr. Walter’s knowledge and her spirit of adventure! The question period is incorporated in this video.

Family Constellations with Anne Beversdorf

Anne Beversdorf is an internationally known astrologer and author and her materials can be found at Stariel.com. Anne is also known locally for her life altering Family Constellations. These sessions can be lengthy and very powerful and will result in the participant’s gaining new insight into how the lives of his family have affected that person’s own life.

The Overview Effect

This video is a Vimeo Staff Pic created by Planetary Collective. This is a powerful movie and we share it because it is so timely and needed.

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

This is the moment when Sir Fred Hoyle’s prophesy came true and the new age and our place in the Cosmos changed forever. The most powerful idea in the history of man was released and we are just now beginning to understand that power. It is the thing that will unite the 7.5 billion cells in the body of Humanity into one united and cooperative body, and we will advance into an evolved species. And this is not that far away!

Evelyn Talmadge – Strategic Coach

Evelyn Talmadge is a Strategic Coach here in Austin who works with people who have a wide variety of roadblocks in their paths to growth. She works in areas and with special modalities that other professional do not have access to. She has a very high success rate characterized by quick recoveries and rapid growth which means the client does not have to keep returning for help over a long period of time.

Evelyn is straightforward, brilliant and has a great sense of humor as this video shows. If you are stuck, we suggest you call Evelyn for an assessment.