Here’s Why Your Donation Counts!

Our Mission is to facilitate the Global Conversation about Conbsciousness


For the past twelve years Karen and I have improved What If It Really Works? from a bi-weekly NPR Program on KOTO in Telluride, Colorado, to an Internet Radio Program to our current website location where we produce only video interviews. Along the way we have gone through different configurations, travelled over 30,000 miles, spent countless hours editing tapes and video footage and have met some of the most remarkable people……so remarkable that sharing them with you has become our passion.

Now that we are easily reachable on YouTube, you have responded to our work in the most positive ways. Here are some sample comments:

“Thank you so much for this amazing interview! I felt every word Aleya was transmitting to us, what a beautiful soul!! All my love to the three of you for this moment!”

“Chuck and Karen have conducted some fantastic interviews, they’re always so positive and insightful, it’s a pleasure to watch their uploads.”

“THANK YOU for this inspiring and heartfelt interview. I just completed watching the whole video and truly cannot say enough to recommend it . . . and especially that it does answer many controversial questions. MANY MANY THANKS.”

“Thank you so much for bringing these two brilliant minds together (Campbell and Lipton). I’ve been following Tom Campbell for only a few months and he’s already changed my life in many aspects. I hope your last few uploads get the exposure they deserve! keep up the great work.”

“Quite possibly the most profound 54 minutes of YouTube EVER!”

“Amazing, thanks Tom and Bruce and all involved. If every country could show this amazing coming together of like minded pioneers, maybe, just maybe, the growing movement of thinkers around the world who know the answer is love and not me me me would swell and grow and head toward critical mass. Then we can truly evolve, peace and love to all.”

We need and want your support of our work!

Call us with any questions at 512-465-3614

Thanks for reading this far and thanks, too, for your support and contribution!

What If It Really Works? is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your contributions are tax deductible.

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