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To forget is human….to forgive is Divine! 2014-10-01 Hill Country News

By Chuck Robison 20120220-_MG_6032

Recently, an old friend called and said he had just found out why, when he told a story of one of our past adventures, it was different than how I would tell the same story. And then he explained what he had just learned as follows.

Memory is not located in a particular spot in the brain, but is contained all over the brain. Each memory is like a complete computer file, but it is not backed up anywhere nor is there any duplicate. So, when you bring up a memory, any memory, you open a file that then records every new way your thoughts and feelings and new understandings modify the memory, as it is being used. Then when you stop the memory, the file keeps and closes your most recent modifications to the file and it goes back into storage, with the new details, and it awaits the next time you will call up that memory.

The modifications you make to a memory file are unique to you and that explains why someone retelling his memory of the same event will have a dramatic discovery when comparing his memory to yours.

So the lesson here is that each of us has the built-in editorship ability to modify every memory we recall, and we use that ability every time we re-open a memory.

Now we go to the new truth of this idea. Bring up a memory that is particularly painful. Any painful memory will do. As soon as you begin to experience this memory, you will be in ‘edit’ mode and everything you think, feel or see in this memory will be added to the memory file, and all the past data in the file will be adjusted to include this new information.

So, in memories, as in all of life, we have considerable power to change how we want our life and world to feel and be.

Going back to this painful memory…..let’s say someone (or you yourself) really hurt you and you believe he deserves whatever pain he may be experiencing. But, you have no control over how this memory will affect him…… control only how this memory pains you. Your wincing, when you bring up this memory, reveals how you have hurt yourself every time you have viewed this memory.

Try as we might, if seems hard to forgive someone (even yourself) who has hurt you so deeply. But your seeming inability to forgive this person is mainly hurting you.

So here is a powerful and effective way to finally forgive anything. When you have finished using an internal file that is so painful and seemingly unforgiveable, you are in a position to further modify that file and begin your healing.

This is how it is done. Before you close this file in your memory computer, add this simple statement to the file: “…..and all is forgiven.” This act prepares the file for the next time you open it. When that happens, the message you appended to this memory will be one of the first things you will notice and that will set up in your mind the intention to see this matter forgiven and you set free from your pain and hurt.

From that time forward, if you close a painful memory with “…..and all is forgiven.”, you will have set in motion the comprehensive solution to learning how to forgive.

Like all that you have made, memory can be used to serve the Holy Spirit’s Purpose. The Holy Spirit can use your memory because God is in your memory.

The miracle that God and the Holy Spirit will bring you in this process will be the Happy Consequences because your memory storehouse will be empty of your pain, and the open door holds all your shreds of memories and dreams. … These are the happy memories the miracle exchanges for your own. And through forgiving others, God leads you to inner peace.

Try it. What IF it really works?

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Russell Forsyth and Using the Energy of Spirit

Russell Forsyth is a healer who has been certified under Dr.Doreen Virtue and also works as a crystal bed practitioner, inventor, writer, radio show host, speaker, teacher and musician from Austin, Texas. After an inspirational shift in 2006, Russell has written several books, given workshops, invented a crystal light bed and has appeared on several radio shows, theatre productions and was selected to film a pilot TV show on angel readers. Russell currently cwrites a weekly newsletter called “Angel Whispers”, which features a word study and channeled messages from the angels. [Read more…]

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Water, water everywhere….Our Latest Hill Country News Opinion Column

20120220-_MG_Small6032By Chuck Robison

The nattering nabobs of negativity, A.K.A. the US Congress, have successfully crippled our national government, rather than allow the duly elected President to fulfill his responsibilities to lead the country where it clearly wants to go. They proudly proclaim they have been against virtually everything that might improve our country.

Our country does not want a pipeline right down its center to deliver Canadian oil to Houston for shipment to China. Our country does not want to have weapons for everyone without at least a minor background check. Our country does not want us to continue the wrong path we travelled since prohibition in the 1920’s and tried again with the so-called drug war, which we started in the late sixties, and have spent mega millions of dollars with no results, other than populating the nation’s for-profit-prisons with the 2.8 million prisoners, the highest prison population on earth, and most of them for minor drug offenses. And our country does not want another Three Trillion Dollar, lie-driven war in the Middle East!

Another current example of something we do not want is the recent petition by 300,000 citizens of Detroit to the UN for help in fighting their city’s pro-privatization, billionaire-driven, decision to cut off water to tens of thousands of people, simply because they cannot afford to pay their bills.

In response, United Nations experts declared last Wednesday, that the City of Detroit’s shut-off of water to thousands of job-less residents, who are unable to pay their bills, “constitutes a violation of the human right to water” and may be discriminatory against African-Americans.

“The households which suffered unjustified disconnections must be immediately reconnected,” said UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights Philip Alston, and UN Special Rapporteur on the right to safe drinking water and sanitation Catarina de Albuquerque, in a joint statement issued Wednesday.”

“If these water disconnections disproportionately affect African Americans they may be discriminatory, in violation of treaties the U.S. has ratified,” said Farha.”

This crisis for 300,000 Detroit citizens is a stunning signal of how screwed up we have allowed our country to become. This particular issue portends what could easily happen right here in drought-ridden Texas. Suppose our elected leaders, backed by billionaires’ cash, proposed to privatize Texas water. Would we put up with that denial of our rights, as we have with so many of our other rights?

The mere fact that our citizens are so disillusioned and hurt by the care-less management of serious problems right here in America, completely signals, for me, that we have lost our way. Imagine our citizens feeling the only re-course they have, in life threatening situations, is to call on the UN!

While we have been out invading every third world country we can, America is becoming one itself. This is not a political problem…….this is the very definition of a national spiritual crisis.

What is it going to take to convince us that we must come together and co-operate with each other to improve our lives? Are we going to wait for Ronald Reagan’s prediction that only an alien invasion will make us band together for our own wellbeing and common wealth? Isn’t a total breakdown of our environment, happening right now, enough?

And the next time someone tells you that the environmental problem cannot have been caused by man’s actions, buy them a first class ticket to Oklahoma and encourage them to discuss with the citizens of our neighbor state, how it is that only since the destructive fracking of the Oklahoma landscape, has there been a massive and catastrophic increase in major earthquakes there.

Telling ourselves more lies about what is happening to our country and our world is the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes, made new for our times. While you are thinking about that, how long is it going to take us to explore what happened to make our cherished Constitution full of quaint lies and no more than “just a piece of paper”, as one recent US President said?

It seems to me that we MUST move up to another level of consciousness in order to deal with these kinds of problems. As Einstein said: You cannot solve problems on the level at which they were created.

Actually, this is an old problem partially solved by Ben Franklin when he said “……unless we stand together, we shall all hang alone.”

Happy Independence Day!

“Yelling at God” Chuck’s latest Faith Column for the Hill Country News June 25, 2014

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Chuck discusses when it is important to rest, reflect and ask God to show you the path he wants you to take next.

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Chuck has created his latest Notes From the Masters Class which you can view above. In this edition, Chuck discusses a very small part of what he has learned from Huston Smith, Aldous Huxley and Gopi Krishna.

These short homilies seem to be reaching people on the deep level we intended them to be received.

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Schools and Religion 2014-05-15

Here is my participation in the Faith Roundtable published this date in the Hill Country News:

Schools and Religion

4x6 B&W Chuck Portrait 6032By Chuck Robison

This question is truly powerful. We live in a global culture, which, of necessity, must include all of us and all of our thinking.

I grew up in a small town in West Virginia. In our town there were Christians and several Jewish families. And when I say Christians I am including snake handlers and Catholics! Somehow we all got along. But religion was something that took place at church and at home. Education took place at school and at home.

The common denominator is HOME. If religion is not taught at home and schoolwork is not done at home, we have lost our way. And it is clear we have lost our way.

As our society and our institutions crumble as part of the process of entering a new paradigm, the warrior class has decided to turn the schools into a battlefield. No wonder there is such pressure to religionize the schools. But the children, who are going to live their lives in the new paradigm, are reflecting what they are learning at home and from their peers, not from some rule that demands kids pray at school, when they do not pray at home.

And, then there is the problem of Christian parochial schools. Local Christian schools teach religion, but then they turn right around and teach exclusiveness and separation from others not like them. And just for good measure, they affirm that evolution is not real and science is godless. Christian Parochial schools seem to be the focus of separation.

The education system, however, is not a sane place for a religious war. Now that American education ranks 27th in results worldwide, we are faced with deciding if education is even important. I heard a country song on KUTX last week and it was titled, “Life is hard, harder still if you are stupid.” It will get really hard in America if we do not pay attention and put our money where it is needed.

No one is prohibited from praying anywhere in the world, unless you mean standing up and repeating words that someone else has written. When it comes to sharing your heart’s wishes, your gratitude and your deepest problems with God, this is best done in your closed-door closet.

That is another way of saying that we grownups need to model the behavior we want to see in our children. If they see us concerned about the quality of our education system and the sincerity of our religious beliefs, they will know what is important.

And if they see our religion and our schools as a battlefield…..well, they will learn that too.

Things are changing at a speed beyond our control, and often beyond our awareness. This really is a time of a global paradigm change.

As grownups, we do well to put high energy into our schools, accepting all the help we can get and displaying our religion in our hearts and not on our sleeves or as bumper stickers or as fish symbols on our cars.

We Americans have become experts at fighting meaningless battles while the real issues remain hidden and un-discussed. Ask yourself these questions: Exactly who has a vested interest in our children growing up to be less educated than our adults? Who benefitted when The Real Texans rejected almost $800 Million in federal funds to improve our schools? Does someone out there believe that the dumber our kids are, the better? Has someone decided that we will not need workers in the future, so we do our best to keep them dumb and dumber so that they can be easily manipulated? And what do we say when a 16 year old student gives us a hand written note someone has sent him, and asks us to read it because “I can’t read cursive.”?