Lance and Jean Lein, July 2018

Lance and Jean Lein have gone through a health challenge that has allowed them to demonstrate the power and the wonder of their New Thought Faith. This is a remarkable story that will inspire and challenge your own faith to grow!

David Lauterstein and the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage and Clinic

What a treat to re-visit David Lauterstein ten years after our first interview in 2008. David was totally open and humble as he recounted some of the steps he took along the way to changing the meaning of therapeutic massage. You are about to see a wonderful man tell you his career secrets.

Ed Salisbury reveals his own Near Death Experiences and those of others with whom he has worked.

A survivor of multiple Spiritually Transformative and Near-Death Experiences, as well as a perpetual ‘Rebellious Devotee of TRUTH,’ Brother Ed brings enchanting lessons of Grace, Wisdom and Peace in the processes of Dying and Death. Ed will share his own personal perspectives of NDE’s and expand upon their spiritually transformative aspects.

Ed Salisbury is a hospice minister, yoga coach, and funeral director. Having experienced multiple NDEs, he’s been drawn to work closely with the dying; in that role he’s been providing optimal choices in elder care, health challenges and ‘at death’ care for over 20 years. He advises friends, families and organizations in the planning and fulfillment of funeral arrangements. Ed has also served on local and international association boards of directors for grief recovery, Near Death Experiencers (IANDS), funeral consumer, and hospice care organizations.

Managing a Home Health care agency, advising on community and international boards, and presenting programs, workshops & courses about grief, loss, death, healing and self-care, Ed has enjoyed facilitating a healing grace in many lives.


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The Great Emeregence: Hill Country News Faith Roundtable

Round Table Discussion: The Bible as Literal or as Allegory                 

By Chuck Robison

The Question about the Bible as being literal is a valid one and deserves the responses at this Round Table discussion. However for me, the issue is not about the Bible as history or story….these questions are a sub-set of a larger discussion dealing with the issue of Authority.

Our history for the past 2000 years reveals the efficacy of the myth of the Phoenix…..a bird who flies about for 500 years and then is consumed in a fire of cinnamon twigs. From the ashes of that fire, a new Phoenix is born and flies off for another 500 years.

Two things happened around 500 hundred years ago that perfectly illustrate the truth of this myth. First, the printing press enabled some in the church to make the Bible available to a larger audience. Prior to that, the teachings of the Bible were on handwritten documents, which were the domain of the Catholic Church. The average Christian got his Bible knowledge from the priest. This resulted in the Church being the culture’s authority on life and how it should be lived.

Second, Luther used this availability of the Bible as a means to undermine the rule of the Catholic Church as the culture’s sole authority. The Reformation was based on the Bible as the ultimate authority. The Protestors deemed the Bible as having the history of the faith and the clear rule for the society; and they attempted to take it literally.

Then in the mid-1800’s Biblical scholars began trying to understand what was literal and what was a story of some kind. This caused a division between those who wanted the Bible to be literally true as a condition of its authority and the allegory side of the division said that the Bible is both literal and allegorical.

So here in the past 160 years we have seen a path leading up to the Return of the Phoenix. Today, the old Phoenix has been consumed in the fire of time and a new Phoenix is with us. Described by Phyllis Tickle and other scholars, this next 500 years will become known as the Great Emergence. This period is already moving past the Bible as the cultural authority and a new authority is coming forward.

Trouble is, we do not know exactly what this new authority will be. This creates doubt, confusion and most importantly, uncertainty for those souls who need absolute certainty in order to live their lives. These Bible literalists are able to gloss over the unworkable rules and conflicts of the Bible, like the Book of Leviticus and all the old Jewish rules that are no longer observed, and believe that their version of the Bible is historically correct……like the earth being created in six 24 hour days. The conflict in the recognition of these contradictions and irreconcilable differences is a sure sign that the Bible is no longer the cultural authority.

Something new this way comes. The Great Emergence is riding on the back of our global electronic experience, just as the Reformation of the Protestors rode the newly available Bible as the authority for the next 500 years. We have entered a period of confusion and conflict in almost every one of our past cultural norms. As the old paradigm leaves time’s stage, our welcoming the New Paradigm, The Great Emergence, is a powerful and difficult experience. But it is happening.

For my part I see The New Authority of the Great Emergence as the common understanding that what we experience as we attempt to live in higher levels of consciousness and new dimensions of reality is becoming the cultural authority. In these higher experiences we understand that all is one, there is only one God with many many names, one eternity and one rule that cancels out the duality of the past and becomes the oneness-glue of all experience.

That rule is love. God is love and he creates us in his image…..we, too, are love.
Now that our global vision is instantly electronic and we see life as it is happening all over the world, our new understanding of our oneness of life makes it possible to accept the authority of love and oneness as the cultural norm.

Funny thing. Even though we are experiencing this massive upheaval in the Great Emergence, one rule seems to follow us wherever the Phoenix flies. And that rule is this: DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU.

John Smotherman and his book: The Consciousness Paradigm

John has spent his whole life seeking answers to his questions about Consciousness. In his first book, The Consciousness Paradigm, John reports on the answers he has found so far. This interview is a revealing look into the man behind the book and also a discussion of the most important findings. John Smotherman is an attorney and in his book he details how, by reading the classics and other instructional materials, he gained a new level of consciousness and a new life. This is a humble man who, by his life and writing has given us a true give for the directing of our lives.

Fourth Sunday in April in Austin 2011

This is Chuck and Karen’s presentation on Easter Sunday to the monthly Gathering. We had a great group, a wonderful lunch and a spirited discussion.

Fourth Sunday in Austin for February 2011

Chuck and Karen lead the group in meditation, presentation and discussion on the topic of “Creating a Positive Vision for the Future”. This discussion centers on our need and opportunity to remain calm and focused during this time of The Crazy. We validate the reason for this action and suggest several ways each can participate and the value and benefits for creating a real positive vision for the future that is hurtling at us like the cannonball express!

Melissa D’Antoni and the Fire Tree Studios

Melissa D’Antoni has created a spiritual and consciousness art space for people who are experiencing the awakening and want positive outlets for their creative energies and passion. Melissa reveals her own awakening and the powerful changes it made in her life. Her discussion is a clear record of her Kundalini experience.

Bruce Paton and Dr. Dariah Morgan and TFT

Bruce and Dariah discuss their work with Thought Field Therapy and healing a broad spectrum of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder victims including Middle East Veterans, accident and abuse victims. TFT is an effective, inexpensive and almost immediate method to release and move beyond the crippling results and effects of PSD. This is one interview you will want to pass along to your friends who may know someone who could benefit from this therapy.

Dr. Andre Kulisz 2008-02-21

Dr. Andre KuliszDr. Andre Kulisz is an internationally recognized physicist and physician who has conducted his own exhaustive research into what creates health and how we can use our natural organic systems to promote and provide for our own health. In this interview he stays remarkably focused on the issue of health, including how our society has lost some of the effectiveness of our natural social immune systems. He is a real joy and challenge to hear.