Chuck and Karen lead Worship at the new Unity Church of Georgetown

2011-09-11 Chuck and Karen were invited to lead the worship on 9-11 at this seven month old church, which is still in the process of defining what it will become. Chuck talks about his memories of working at the World Trade Center and how we must begin the creating of a new vision.

Dr. Roberta Shoemaker Beal – Jungian Oriented Art Therapist

Dr. Roberta Shoemaker Beal is a Jungian Art Therapist and Art Instructor who has been deeply involved with the Austin Consciousness Community for many years. In this interview, Roberta discusses the critical importance of using art as a pre-verbal means to confront and resolve crippling mental and emotional issues buried in the sub-conscious. Roberta has a wonderful sense of humor, a brilliant mind and a passion for helping others. You will see her depth immediately upon opening this interview.

Fourth Sunday in April in Austin 2011

This is Chuck and Karen’s presentation on Easter Sunday to the monthly Gathering. We had a great group, a wonderful lunch and a spirited discussion.

Jim Beal: Explorer of the Cosmos and Psyche

Jim Beal tells us insights from his long career in the sciences and space technology. He was one of the original founders of the Institute of Noetic Sciences with Edgar Mitchel, served as a student and board member at the Monroe Institute, and is now focusing on electro-magnetism and how to safely use it and expand it’s applications. In this powerful interview, Jim reveals the passionate curiosity that led him into some of the most amazing adventures of the past sixty years. Toward the end of this interview, this accomplished man of science discusses the place of spiritual alignment as a component of our successful transition to the next level of evolution.


March 2011 Fourth Sunday Gathering

Our March 27 gathering included a presentation by Karen and Chuck titled: “2012: Getting Serious About Consciousness” and then a viewing of the movie 2012 The Odyssey. This video is a record of the presentation and discussion.

Jim Rigby discusses Protestants and Presbyterians

Jim Rigby is Pastor of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Austin and is a leading progressive thinker in the Mission Presbytery of Texas and in the Presbyterian Church nationally. He has also survived two, what some have called, heresy trials and is currently being investigated and adjudicated for allowing an Atheist seeker to join his church. In short, he is a trouble maker. And a great one. He calls the church to walk the walk, while the powers that be seem determined to just talk themselves into more and more…………..well, hypocrisy crouched as protecting the integrity of the Church.

You will find this a very challenging interview, regardless of your formal religious affiliation. It is a hi-res telescope which focuses the conflict in Protestantism between worship of the past and embrace of a much different future, which Karen and I understand to be a totally New Reformation. And you can be absolutely certain that the Church, as it did in the First Reformation, will fight till the end to focus on the past and reject the future…..until……as they say, change happens one funeral at a time.

Bee Pedersen and Promises

Bee Pedersen, a global world citizen, has launched her next novel, Promises. This novel deals with multiple dimensions and themes and has a spiritual side that is remarkable. In this interview, Bee reveals some of the experiences and thoughts that have shaped her work and world view. She does so in an open and very gentle manner that draws the viewer into her world and her brilliance. We think this is a very powerful interview with a woman who has a lot to say in her stories and is very much worth paying attention to.

Fourth Sunday in Austin for February 2011

Chuck and Karen lead the group in meditation, presentation and discussion on the topic of “Creating a Positive Vision for the Future”. This discussion centers on our need and opportunity to remain calm and focused during this time of The Crazy. We validate the reason for this action and suggest several ways each can participate and the value and benefits for creating a real positive vision for the future that is hurtling at us like the cannonball express!

2011-01-23 Fourth Sunday in Austin

This video places you in the middle of the January 2011 Fourth Sunday Gathering in Austin. Our presentation and discussion ranged from Quantum Physics to Forgiveness with a focus on staying the course of Spirit thought this time of The Crazy. Enjoy!

John Randolph Price and the 2010 Global Peace Meditation

John and Jan Price have managed and led the Global Peace Meditation each New Years Eve Morning for twenty five years. This video was recorded at the December 31, 2010 event held in Boerne, Texas. The meditation was based on Noon Greenwich Mean Time and was observed by more than 500 million people around the world. It has become a tradition. John and Jan, with remarkable simplicity once again created a global community focused on the clear possibility that our destiny lies in global peace and the ability to cooperate and work together. We are very fortunate to have been at this event and are pleased to share it with our viewers.