Lo Anne Mayer and Celestial Conversations

Lo Anne Mayer is a long time student of healing and spirituality. After her mother’s death, as Lo Anne describes in this interview, she wanted to deal with much unfinished business with her mother. She found a way to communicate with her mother and this book is about that and it will also lead you to similar solutions if you have a questions about a loved one who has made his or her transition.

This is an opportunity to see first hand what you have long suspected. There is not only life after death, there is relationship on both sides of the veil.

Lo Anne and her book will move you to action.

Scott Andrews as the model for the hero in our book and then more about his biking!

Here is Scott as we interviewed him in 2008 as the model for the lead character in our book, The Quantum Conspiracy.

Scott is a World Ranked Tri-Ahtlete and a Nationally Ranked Bicyclist who is leaving Telluride, Colorado shortly for a race 2700+ miles down the Continental Divide from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. The race may take as long as thirty days and is involves 150 racers in competition. More than anything, this race is a continuation of Scott’s remarkable spiritual quest, which we chronicled in our book, The Quantum Conspiracy.

You’re going to like Scott. He is a one of a kind very special person!

July 11, 2012….Here is the result of all that work!

Joseph McMoneagle, Pioneer Remote Viewer

Joe McMoneagle was Agent 001 in the secret program of the 1970’s and 1980’s designed to gather information through Remote Viewing. In this interview, Joe describes what Remote Viewing is, how it is done according to Stanford Research Institute protocols, and the benefits and successes of this program within the Defense Department. You may recall the George Clooney film, The Men Who Stare at Goats, which was based on the work Joe did. What is unusual about this interview is that Joe was a pioneer in this program and he shares with us the intricasies of the work and how it is possible that a person sitting in a sealed room in Washington can actually go through files in Moscow and bring back information that is available no other way. This is like a Consciousness Thriller and we think you will enjoy watching it…….we sure did enjoy learning about this from the real pro.

We are also posting this interview on our You Tube Channel where you will find this interview and many of our prior interviews. In the event your internet connection is too slow for Vimeo to work quickly, this is the place to go for a fast solution! We hope you like this addition!

Jim Beal: Explorer of the Cosmos and Psyche

Jim Beal tells us insights from his long career in the sciences and space technology. He was one of the original founders of the Institute of Noetic Sciences with Edgar Mitchel, served as a student and board member at the Monroe Institute, and is now focusing on electro-magnetism and how to safely use it and expand it’s applications. In this powerful interview, Jim reveals the passionate curiosity that led him into some of the most amazing adventures of the past sixty years. Toward the end of this interview, this accomplished man of science discusses the place of spiritual alignment as a component of our successful transition to the next level of evolution.