Aurora Foxx and Intuitive Spiritual Music 2011-10-04

Aurora Foxx explained her music and how it worked. Her piano playing, seen in this video, demonstrated how her connection to spirit allows spirit to work directly through her hands to create wonderful and powerful music.

Aurora Foxx transitioned to the next dimension in 2017. She is missed.

Dr. Huston Smith 2006-08-17

Dr. Huston Smith is Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion and Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, Syracuse University. For fifteen years he was Professor of Philosophy at M.I.T. and for a decade before that he taught at Washington University in St. Louis. Most recently he has served as Visiting Professor of Religious Studies, University of California, Berkeley. Smith’s fourteen books includes The Worlds’ Religions which has sold over 2 ½ million copies. The ending of this interview at The Crossing in Austin was a remarkable “mind-meld” with Huston and the audience of 80 people.

Huston Smith - Bridgebuilder

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Mary Lou Dobbs and Repotting Yourself

Mary Lou Dobbs has extended her considerable reach to now include showing people how to move themselves into bigger and more powerful space with her new book Repotting Yourself. Karen conducts this interview with her friend and the result is the magic that happens when two talented women share the secrets of living life for a higher purpose.

Dr. Robyn Benson

A graduate of the University of Virginia with a B.S. in sports medicine, Robyn began studying Chinese medicine in 1989. With 17 years of professional experience, she specializes in pain management, women’s health, and family medicine.

A knowledgeable acupuncturist and herbalist, Dr. Benson is board-certified in orthopedic and pediatric acupuncture and practices many forms of alternative, progressive internal and preventive medicine.

Robyn is the founder of Santa Fe Soul Health & Healing Center, as well as a founding member of Emergence Sanctuary & Sustainable Communities Worldwide. She is dedicated to working with other practitioners in order to offer patients the very best, most holistic care possible. In this interview, Robyn focuses on the High Tech Possibilities that occur when integrated into Oriental Medicine.

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