Our Family Legacy Video Service is available now!

We will produce your video just as we do our weekly show. We’ll arrive at your location at the determined time and will need about an hour for set-up, which is a great opportunity to get to know you better and discover any special items you want on the tape…..like a specific life story or a funny incident.

When everyone is ready, we’ll start the camera and we will record for about 55 minutes.

Once the recording is complete, we’ll pack our gear and be out of your way and back into our studio for the post production work. When complete, we will present you with one copy of your interview on a DVD.

Here’s how we state our Mission:

Here is a brief (8:43 Minute) video that states our mission and gives you three examples of the environment we create and the resulting candor and quality information it produces.

The charge for this service is $1500 for filming within the Central Texas Area including Austin and San Antonio. Travel to other locations will be billed on an actual cost basis, pre-agreed upon.

Prior to our arrival at your location, we will sign a simple contract telling you what we intend to do and an agreement on the price.

Once complete, we will have additional DVD copies for you for $35 each.

If you have further questions, call us at 512-456-3614.

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